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September 05, 2013


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Gordon Campbell

Worth a $50 bet? :D

David Meerman Scott

Gordon, No interest in a financial bet. I made a much bigger bet by sticking my neck out with this prediction.


Never mind mate! I'll remember not to trust your future insightful premonitions! Ha!

Tokyo has it, Radioactive Waste Dump 2011.


Great to make a prediction on the websites, but who would go for Istanbul which has the Kurds ready to rebel, the Syrian refugees rushing in and the Government moving towards Islamicism. And you want to make a prediction based on websites? Really?

David Meerman Scott

Geoffrey - It was a prediction based on the websites only. Really.

onder coban

Hi David,

It was a bold attempt and a different point of view.

The Tokyo result reminded me;
- these organizations are still heavily related with politics.
- Even international committes do not take technology as main criteria while making a decision about future.
- It is not only what you are offering but what you have achieved so far - selfcriticism :(

Onder Coban

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