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September 23, 2013


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It’s amazing what one word can do to make a difference. As you stated instead of making the "security" staff seem threatening the event made the staff wear "safety" shirts. This was also applied to the "VGP" status which was applied to people who were able to get in. Personally, I wish all programs and companies used this method of changing the overall picture of presentation by making things seem less threatening and enjoyable, or something that all people can feel more convinced in striving to achieve greater.


Not only does changing the wording to normal things to things that are more inviting a good idea it will make your efforts and/or organization stand out from the rest by using communication that is not the norm.

I really like the name of Safety vs. Security but since I work with certain non-for profits trying to raise funds the Very Good People makes it a positive challenge to get something done.

Arlen Miller

Language definitely makes a difference. Word choice can definitely throw a fresh face in an old monument. I discovered you through a mention by Demian Farnworth on a podcast hosted by Ricardo Bueno about becoming a Master Copywriter here: http://www.ricardobueno.com/master-copywriter/. Thanks for writing. Thanks for making a difference.

David Meerman Scott

Nolan - most companies just default to what everybody does.

Raul - Exactly! - What an easy way to stand out. Just one word.

Thanks Arien. I appreciate it.

Navjot Grewal

Language certainly plays an important role in communicating your message across. And in this case the word safety made these people more approachable and very human.

John P. Wheeler

It's amazing how changing just one word can make a huge difference. Using Safety instead of Security - that's just priceless. They've got some really creative people working for them over there!


David, thanks for this, had never heard of Life is Good before, but the whole Life is Good thing is an inspiring and different way to organise music festivals.

Hopefully somebody in Australia can transplant this idea.

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