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September 03, 2013


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Stan Dubin

This is great!

I have continuously juggled which version should I get: the print or Kindle version. As you mentioned, there's real value in both forms, but I wouldn't buy both for all of my book purchases. In some cases, I have, but probably less than 10% of the books I've purchased.

In many instances now, I'll get both. The best of both worlds is now much more affordable. This is very good!


This is great news! I think I bought THREE versions of Keith Richards' book. They need to make the process as easy and seamless as possible—and that includes audio.

David Meerman Scott

Stan and Rob - It is good. Kudos not only to Amazon but also to the publishers that are involved. Rob - I loved Keef's book!


Yes, the beauty of books is that they hold well-thoughtout ideas that require more than a scan of the eyes. For the reader to digest the entire content, the books need to easily transfer from one medium - print to digital when traveling or even better to audio. I am thankful as a leading business author you understand that it is more important for your audience to complete the book rather than trying to squeeze the customer. If they read it, understand it, and like it, the reader will most likely purchase your next or previous books.

As a person who likes to listen to audio books in the car or while running I would love to see Amazon do something similar with audio books. I prefer to listen, and then highlight the sections I like on the print pages to reference later.

David Meerman Scott

WJeffreyR - Thank you.

I'm not an audiobook person, but my wife @YukariWatanabe says that some publishers work with Kindle & Audible to pair up digital and audio. They synch too so if you read to a certain page on Kindle, when you then go to audiobook it can find the place you left off.

Laura Bergells

I like the way you're feeling, but I'm doing another kind of math...

Prior to this recent Amazon decision, I never bought an e-book version of a book I already bought in print.

(I've gone the other way, though -- when I like an ebook, I'll go ahead and buy the print version!)

I wonder if you're *really* losing $4k in sales. How many people are like me in that we don't even consider buying an ebook after a print book purchase?

And call me skeptical, but I also suspect that if Amazon was making huge $$$ by selling ebooks to previous print book buyers, this new program wouldn't be happening.

In short, my math also says that you have little to lose and a whole bunch to gain. We seem to have gotten to the same answer using a different formula!

Raúl Colón

I had not seen it from the perspective of the authors but I am glad that you take such a positive approach towards being connected to your readers even more.

This makes me want get rid of some books I no longer have space for and donate them to a local library and not lose those which I like to go back and use as a reference.

David Meerman Scott

Laura - Of course you are right. But my guess is that many pessimistic authors and publishers will not look at it that way. Rather they will look only at what they "lose". That's what happened to the music business and now they are struggling with how to sell music in a digital world.

Rodney Goldston

I spend a lot of time in the car and find a greater need to listen to books than have their digital counter parts. I often double purchase because I'll want the printed or digital copy of a book I listened to.

Dave my first intro to your book was on a audible format.

I wish something like what Amazon has done with the Kindle could be done for listeners of books.

David Meerman Scott

Rodney - I agree with you. I do hope that Kindle can work something out for audio too!


Rodney, WJeffreyR, David - here's a bit more info on how Amazon/Audible are discounting audio/kindle versions when bought together: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000827761

I've done it for a few books I've really wanted both versions of and only because the discount made the audiobook just a few bucks more.

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