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August 13, 2013


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seth godin

My wife's boss used to say, "there are only two rules. Rule #1, don't put your d*** in a pencil sharpener. Rule #2, don't take the Cross Bronx."

He wasn't a great boss, but he could turn a phrase.

David Meerman Scott

Seth - Ha! It must have been fun to hear him talk. I'm imagining a strong NY accent.


David, I think it is always good to use your own intuition on things as the best way is not always the right way.

What you do find out even the long way round things is not that too painful, in your case 2 mins.

Brilliant story.


Will take note of the Rule #2 Seth. LOL.

I think so many times we are seeking better opportunities and hacking things and we miss out on the main reason why we started to do something.

Overall I have to say that when I take the best way I create experiences and great memories.

Joanne Tombrakos

Ha! Seth is so right about the Cross Bronx. Hate that road. As for which way I take - I let my intuition decide between "best way" and "my way".

Doug Eymer

David: I hear you on several levels. For direction-challenged me, the GPS was a gift from the heavens. However, after two recent return trips from the NYC area, I have learned that the GPS is a great piece of technology but it still pays to back up your proposed route with an old-fashion map and better yet, a phone call or two. People that live in the area are always eager to share their personal experiences (we all love to be experts). A driver making the same trip, but several miles ahead, is also an extremely valuable resource. I have found that the same is true with my business. I can email, blog, Skype and text all day, but sometimes an old school phone call yields quicker and more pleasing results.

David Meerman Scott

Gareth, Raul, Joanne - Yes! Life is for living, so why not enjoy the journey?

Doug - Funny thing that paper map. I've gone back to them many times. And my world atlas is well used.

Roger C. Parker

Dear David:
I love your last sentence..."Going my own way has helped me enjoy life and spend time with those who are important to me."

In many ways, life would have been different if I had gone the "cubicle way."

However, by doing things "my way," I have memories of the hundreds of day trips taken with my sons on a last-minute basis...and the occasional surprises when they share how much those trips meant to them.

Thanks for providing a opportunity to reflect.

David Meerman Scott

Roger, You're exactly right. As a fellow independent you know the benefits (and the pitfalls) of this lifestyle. I love it(!!)

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