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August 16, 2013


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seth godin

A male model?

I have to confess that this was news to me, though it would have been more remarkable if you had been a female model...

Anyway, I feel your pain (you forgot to mention the eager intro that basically gives your talk before you do, but in 300 seconds).

Thanks for an inspiring idea. Can't wait to see vers. 2!

David Meerman Scott

Seth, Yep - a male model... in Japan. They needed westerners when I lived there in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Ah, yes. I've had that "give the speech for you" intro too. Or when they list each book with a short synopsis.

Tom Borgman

That's a great and quite logical thing to do given your experiences David. And it's clearly a pretty key "thinking from the customer's perspective" customer experience element in the process of working with your clients. Nice I'm a Rebel Rocket Man animation!

doug eymer

David: Great stuff. One concise package. The Apollo artifacts are cool but the jet pack is awesome. Hope that you are making use of that in your presentations!

David Meerman Scott

Tom and Doug - yeah, since I'll never really travel into space, I might as well have a cartoon jet pack!


Perfect for a keynote intro. I have yet to catch up to that level. My intros have to be really short. :)

Funny Motivational Speakers

Great idea. As a pro speaker, my office sends my intro out in advance and I always carry a copy - just in case. I provide litle tips such as "Please ask audience too turn off cell phones"... I also have a line in big red letters "Please do not ad lib the introduction." Prior to my going on I chat with the person introducing me to make sure they have it all squared away.

However, it is funny - kinda - when after doing all that an exec will start out holding the paper and then go into his own introduction. It's a fascinating observation into the exec's mind (usually a short trip). And then you go on stage and shake their hand and he - it usually is a male exec who will do this - looks in your eyes and you try and look pleased - while they know they messed up. (Because when they ad lib, they always fall over their words like walking on a banana in the rain.)

I will try the video intro. Now if we can just get the audio/visual guy to hit the right button on cue we would be great!


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