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Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:32 AM on August 06, 2013

About youIn my experience, most “about” pages on blogs and personal websites suck.

That’s okay if you want to be anonymous. But if you are writing a blog or creating a site to promote your ideas, then you need a great about page.

I'm particularly amazed when someone writes a terrific blog but fails to say who they are at all because there isn’t an about page! Or they say a little, but it has no relationship to the content of the blog: “I’m a Sagittarius and love the Boston Red Sox.”

Many people don’t even have their name on their blog.

Your about page is an essential element of personal branding. Don’t ignore the opportunity to tell the world about you.

Your personal brand

You should include a photo (of you, not your dog), a bio or some personal facts, and contact information.

Often when people visit a blog for the first time, they want to know about the blogger, so it is important to provide background. This is very important for corporate blogs where you should tell readers who you are personally as well as your affiliation with your employer.

It is usually best to avoid the templates that blogging software comes with to create your about page because it has categories that you probably don’t want to use.

Third person or first?

Here is what my about looks like now.

I’ve changed my own about page a bunch of times from the more familiar first person: (“I am a marketing strategist...”) to the more formal third person (“David is a marketing strategist...”) and back again.

My about page too long so sometime soon I hope to find time to edit it for brevity... But that's the point of this post, its so easy to put off working on an about page. But it is important to take it seriously.

Your about page is your virtual calling card. Make it work for you.

David Meerman Scott

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