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August 06, 2013


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Matt Brennan

Good point, David. I really think the about page is probably the most important page on your site. If you don't give people a good idea who you are, you're not giving them a reason to come back.

David Meerman Scott

Matt, it's amazing how many people ignore this important aspect of personal branding.

Jorge Miguel Conceição

Hi David! This post really came on the right time because I'm working on my own website right now!I took a look on your website! Very nice and "clean"! Very easy to read and looks really good!Well done!!

Jorge Conceição

Bob London

Agreed! Great topic.

In addition to fixing their "About Us" pages, every B2B site should have an "About You" page to force the business owner to think from his or her customers' perspective!

Sarah Bauer

I've written a couple "About" pages for clients recently, told from the first-person perspective of the company owner. I find it's an awesome structure for telling the story behind the company or idea, and fostering a reader-company connection. Both websites have just gone live, so it'll be interesting to hear what the feedback is like!

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Amen. Damn hard - those about pages. So, David, where did you finally end up on the 1st v. 3rd person debate (not on your page, more in marketing sensibilities)? I struggled with the exact same thing. I wrote it in 3rd person and people said, "That doesn't sound like you." And I didn't like it. So I changed it to first. Third sounded like some jackhole - distant, weird, and not me. Too formal for my personality.

Ken Morico

About pages are indeed important. Darren Rowse wrote a good blog post about the amount of traffic they get and their importance. I use my about page to talk more about my professional background, BUT I created a whole "personal thoughts" section to highlight all the personal things I want to share - such as recipes and experiences in travel etc. I think people that are really interested will check it out and it's not in the way for those that want to get to the meat of your blog.

David Meerman Scott

Jorge - I'm glad the post helped.

Bob - Exactly - B2B sites tend to be poor.

Sarah & Kathy - First person can be awesome. I am currently in third person but have experimented with both.

Ken - the idea of additional "about" info is a good one.

Christopher Korody

Hi David - very timely as I am relaunching on Saturday.

The site is intended for business development as well as hosting my blog, so there are different visitors with somewhat different interests: we have the does he know what he's talking about reader and the he seems to know, maybe we should talk to him prospect...

Your post encouraged me to amp it up a bit more and put it all up front so people didn't have to guess.



Hi David,

I always get excited when I find someone similar to me - a student that writes about public relations and/or social media technologies. But, since I usually haven't met these individuals IRL, I usually seek out some more personal information about them, just as a way to remember their name and figure out who they really are. But, like you, I'm frequently disappointed with what I find.

I've been playing around with an About.Me widget on my blog's sidebar (http://www.jamesmignano.wordpress.com). Using it, I'm able to keep a bio on the right side of the screen regardless of what page a visitor is on. This way, readers don't even need to search for more personal information - they are greeted with it pretty much instantly.

My question for you is - do you think an About Me page is necessary if I'm already utilizing the sidebar widget? Or is it overkill at that point?

David Meerman Scott

Christopher - Nobody wants to guess so I think you are doing the right thing.

James - I think you need another separate about page. What are you trying to do? Sell something? Get a job? Build a consulting practice? How do I contact you?


I have a hard time with keeping it updated will put it on my calendar to update more frequently.


David, I couldn't agree more with you. As Matt said, the about page is probably the most important page of a site. Its main role is to let the visitor know and trust us.


About pages are one of my favorite things to write, help clients with, and sing the praises of! :)

Yes, they can be challenging to write, but for those trying to connect with clients online, it's critical to write the About page from the perspective of the target audience, answering the question for that audience of "what's in it for me?"

This can actually make the writing process easier, because the thing that people seem to struggle with most -- not wanting to sound arrogant when sharing their successes/experience/accolades -- isn't near as difficult when you lead with speaking directly to your ideal audience in their language and demonstrating that you have something to offer that can help them, rather than leading with your bonafides.

That said, my own About page is too long and needs a ruthless editing, but it was much easier to write when I wrote it from the perspective of serving my ideal client rather than "here's a whole bunch of facts and stuff all about me, me, me." ;)

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