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July 02, 2013


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Bryan Shaw

I love free, but I think that this is well worth at least some basic contact info. This would have been a perfect opportunity for him to ask for just an email address. Make it optional, even!

That can be one valuable list for future events/releases.

David Meerman Scott

Bryan - I disagree with the contact information if required. But sure, an option to sign up for a newsletter is a good idea.


Great Post, David! Did you happen to watch Amanda Palmer's TED Talk? It's a really similar story and super inspiring: http://www.ted.com/talks/amanda_palmer_the_art_of_asking.html

David Meerman Scott

Hi Sam, I did watch Amanda's TED. And I interviewed her a few times. She grew up in the town that I live in.


That's amazing! There must be lots of really cool people from that town :)

Stan Dubin

I remember downloading Seth Godin's "Unleashing the IdeaVirus" back when he was offering it as a free download. I think it now costs a few bucks. I can only read from a computer screen for so long, so I ended up buying the hard cover for $40. (It hadn't come out in paperback yet and Kindles didn't exist yet)

That's potentially a simple enuf reason to offer a free version of one's book. Folks may want a "traditional" copy and you may end up with more sales simply along that line. It's certainly worth a test run for awhile. And if you urge folks to share the "free version" then the lovely multiplier effect can kick in.

David Meerman Scott

Stan - Seth is indeed excellent at offering valuable content for free. I've purchased most of the books he's written over the past decade, but what keeps me engaged is his (free) blog.


Excellent tip David! I know a lot of really great indie musicians that will enjoy this tip too. Thanks again!

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