Building a fan base one download at a time

Pretty LightsToday, the EDM artist Pretty Lights dropped his newest album A Color Map of the Sun.

One way to get it is totally free from his site. If you're a music fan like me, check it out. In fact, many of his label's albums are free using this link.

Here's what he said this morning: A Color Map of the Sun has now officially been released! If you can, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the album digitally in iTunes or physically through, or at a local record store or download it at no cost below. Thank you to everyone who has supported PL by purchasing a copy of this record. I hope it is enjoyed!!! To see how this unique album was created, watch "The Making of" documentary HERE.

Building a fan base

So why make it free? To gain exposure, of course! If I recommended it, you probably wouldn't buy the album. If you heard a track in a dance club, you probably wouldn't buy the album. But you just might take a chance to download it for free and give it a listen.

And then maybe, like me, you'd buy a ticket to one of his many live shows. I caught him in Baltimore last month and it was a fun show with excellent music and a great light show as you can see from my Instagram below.

And then maybe you'd become a fan and talk Pretty Lights up on social media like I am here.

All because of a free download.

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Album cover via Pretty Lights site.
Live shot by David Meerman Scott.

David Meerman Scott

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