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June 25, 2013


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Joseph Ratliff

Can't wait to see it Dave. :)

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Joseph.

Karen Russell

Congratulations, David, and thanks for keeping it updated. I know that's a job in itself!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks, Karen, for your continued support of the book!

Mary McNeight

Congrats! Will this one be in audio book formatting too?

Mary McNeight
Service Dog Academy

David Meerman Scott

We're working on it Mary and hope to have an updated version in audio but it will take some time.

Paul Sevensky

This is the third time I'll be using The New Rules as the text for my Marketing Principles class (new edition every time). Just received the new edition & looking forward to the new material.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks so much Paul. For the past several updates, I've made sure to publish just prior to the start of the academic year.

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