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June 03, 2013


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Thanks to your insights, our company changed how we handled this.

I can proudly say we respond in less than an hour to something in the press either about our company or related to our field of endeavor where we might gain some recognition.

We have set up various channels and feeds to monitor the news, blogosphere and search terms to keep up with it multiple times daily. In other words, we now live in real time.


Dear mr David ,since i meet you in Egypt,im trying to do the real-time responding on same time,it gives great results,thanks mr David


Does this also include responding to social media?

David Meerman Scott

Anas and Cwlafontaine - Excellent glad to hear that you are both working in real-time.

Sam - Usually, ues.

Skyline Exhibits

Good post. It is important to follow up with customers, clients, and employees quickly. It makes a huge difference whether you let something sit there all week or forever versus taking care of it as soon as possible.

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