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June 26, 2013


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Joseph Ratliff

This is an excellent piece David.

A great overview of media and communications, in just 6 short years.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Joseph. As I was putting this together, it really surprised me how far we have all come in just a few short years.

Graham Joyce

I remember the day we first met, David. It was in Boston and you had just received an advance from Wiley to write New Rules version 1.0. Congrats on the newest release of this "classic". It certainly has been an amazing time for those of us in marketing (or whatever it's called these days).

Roger C. Parker

Congratulations, David!
The release of the 4th edition of the New Rules of Marketing & PR is great news for all marketers, new, experienced, or expert.

I was pleased to see The New Rules referred to in a blog post this week highlighting the 10 best marketing books of all time.

Thank you for sharing your perspective on the changes that the Internet has introduced since the first publication of your book in your SlideShare presentation.

Change comes so rapidly, we often fail to appreciate the magnitude of the "New Rules" that have define our marketing world.

Once again, I'm inspired by your ability to say so much in a few words in your blog post or in your presentation!

David Meerman Scott

Graham - Yes! You were there from the beginning.

Roger - thank you. I've learned a lot from you about the intersection of good design and written communications and I appreciate that.

Stan Dubin

Great slide show, David.

Where do you think the major newspapers—NY Times, Washington Post, etc.—will be, say five or ten years from now? Will they still be profitable as a print source? Do you envision any of them actually folding?

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Stan.

I think that media with strong national and international brands like WSJ, NYT, WashPost will be with us for a very long time. It will be the regional papers from smaller cities that will struggle.

Stan Dubin

Good point, David. Without sounding like too much of a suck-up, if a regional paper got a copy of your book and applied just a percentage of what's in there, they'd survive. Likely that would mean investing in their online presence. Some object to having a strong presence online, some have seen the light.

Our regional papers are a part of "Americana" and I for one would love to see them carry on. An interesting project would be getting a copy of your book sent to each one, maybe to the Publisher directly, and at least presenting each with a superb collection of the "survival" tools.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Stan. That is very kind of you.

Tom Borgman

Great info as always David...presented very effectively by a thoroughly modern marketing maven! Not sure why it prompted this thought in me tonight but all of these new vs. old school marketing fundamentals that you so cogently present have me thinking. Thinking about the Journalism, Mass Comm and MBA programs at colleges these days...and how (or if) they're adapting. My gut says the market/today's students are WAY ahead of the curriculum...and you and others are paving the way for the new "stuff" of MBA programs.

David Meerman Scott

Tom - Many schools including Boston University, Bentley University, University of Georgia, and Kent State (to name 4 of hundreds) are doing amazing work. They have plugged in professors and use my book The New Rules of Marketing and PR as well as other current books.

But sadly, for every great school, there are ten that still teach the old rules. I had a recent graduate cry on my shoulder telling me how her university investment was wasted because her old line professors only taught traditional paid advertising and PR pitching.

Stephan Faessler

Great slideshow visualizing the evolution of social media and advertising David.
I just picked up your book few days a go and started reading through, guess I have to think different from now ;-)

Suggestion to your book cover; since it may make sense to alter the design slightly with each new edition so your regular reader base identifies your work easily, I believe it deserves a more modern 'look' reflecting your valuable and up to date knowledge and insights David.
I am happy to provide you with some free concept designs.

Just my two cents...Cheers Stephan

David Meerman Scott

Stephan - thanks for the suggestion on the cover. We struggle with that as the "brand" is recognized. Each new edition has different colors but the same look.

Dianna Huff

Very nice, David. I regularly have days when I stop to consider how far we've come in so short a time -- it's been breathtaking. I still have your promo version of New Rules ca. 2007. Sounds like I should keep it as a collectors item.

David Meerman Scott

Dianna - Ha! That one is quite rare now. I think they only printed about 250 galley copies.

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