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May 08, 2013


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Dragan Mestrovic

Hello David,

I would establish a friendly relationship by leaving intelligent comments on your blog to attract you to my content. ;-)

seth godin

Of course, the people who need to read this, won't.

So I've got no choice but to punish the innocent as well.

All pitches => delete. Sorry.

If it were my industry, I'd stand up long and loud against those that are bringing it down. I'd figure out how to draw a bright line, how to have an association with a code, and build an industry brand that actually mattered.

Instead, previously reputable firms (like Deloitte!) race to the bottom and just get it wrong. Because it appears to be free.

Sigh. I should write a book about this.

Oh, right, I did.

David Meerman Scott

Dragan -- yes! And that is exactly how I met you. Now I would welcome hearing from you via private message.

Seth - It is indeed too bad that it has come to that with you. I'm not at that point yet but I could get there soon. And you're correct that those who need to read the post won't.


Hi David. This is really helpful advice and a great complement to the session you participated in at the MassTLC Unconference last year with Scott Kirsner that focused on helping entrepreneurs win at media relations. Here's the link to the summary you posted after that session on Social Media Today: http://socialmediatoday.com/davidmeermanscott/1022721/get-famous-fast-helping-entrepreneurs-win-media-relations

These two posts should be required reading for anyone who thinks they're doing PR.

Joseph Ratliff

I've always said (and just tweeted):

"If you're treating blogging, and social media, as FREE marketing, you don't get the point... and I feel sorry for you."

That applies here as well.

What the folks who send these types of misguided pitches fail to grasp is someone has to read them. That means someone takes the time to read them, perhaps takes the time to reply, or takes the time to delete them.

Talk about a lack of respect so early in a relationship. Yes, early in the relationship because the people that David interacts with have proven to respect his time.

That's your time, David. :)

Now you have a link you can use to reply to these misguided pitches.

David Meerman Scott

Rusty - Thanks for the link to the unconference panel. There is some great stuff there too!

Joseph - You are so correct about people who look for the easy way to get attention. You have to give to get.


The one I dislike the most is when someone is pitching me a guest blog post where they are getting paid by their client and want me to edit and review for free.

I am ok with sharing things that are of interest to me and those that interact and read my blog. But having someone send generic content and then even ask me not to disclose the relationship they have keeps me away from even answering most emails.

David Meerman Scott

Raul, I'm with you on the guest blog thing. I don't even read those pitches anymore. Just delete.

will smith

Hello David,
every time i have read you post i get any idea about our product and blogging is the best way to promote every think and you have give him some great idea... thanks man.


Thanks so much for this information! I've struggled with pitching to bloggers as a publicist. Thanks for the tips!

Bryan Shaw

Not surprisingly, most of this applies to B2B marketing. Solve problems with your content, segment to the right audience, personalize, be social...

If you treat those you interact with like real people, the spammer perception will go away.

David Meerman Scott

Bryan - good point that these pitch ideas also apply to content marketing. Thanks for that keen observation.

Will and Paige - glad the post (and comments) helped.


well its my first time to read your articles and indeed its fascinating, cant stop myself reading more on this site.

this will greatly help me improve my marketing skills.


Mark Gadala-Maria

Working with Bloggers is usually an exercise in praise and patience, but in the end the value is usually worth it

Ilona Noskova

Agreed regarding the need to address bloggers by their first name. Although it takes a lot of time if you need to gain publicity quickly, I find it works best. In my experience, sending 10 emails manually resulted in an opportunity to guest blog vs. sending out 300 pitches in a bulk email addressed to "Dear Blogger."

David Meerman Scott

Mark, I'm not sure about praise -- it needs to be authentic. Many of the pitches I get start with some nonsense like "I was recently reading your great blog" which is clearly not true based on what they ask of me. But if the praise is authentic, I'd agree.

Ilona - Please don't ever send 300 bulk pitches. That's the entire point of my post.

Kathleen Lisson

As a fashion blogger, I have acted on personalized pitches via email and Twitter. The worst emails I get are from affiliates and folks that want to build their brand as a fashion hub by leveraging the freely donated content of fashion bloggers. I also remember, with a smile, the one pitch for an affiliate marketer that told me if I was 'cool enough' they might send me free stuff.

David Meerman Scott

Kathleen - I can only imagine how many pitches you must get. Yikes!

Gareth Fairhurst

I was amazed when I email you with a thank you for a great book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and you emailed back. I was sincere in my thanks and shared my story and how it helped me. I was even more amazed when David said he would write an article on his blog about my experience.
I am going to use some of the points you mentioned in the book to further the experience that people have reading my blog.
Thanks for the post on your blog I have now connected with more like minded people too,

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Gareth. For those who are interested, it is here: How Gareth Fairhurst used content marketing to get elected http://www.webinknow.com/2013/05/how-gareth-fairhurst-used-content-marketing-to-get-elected.html


there was a time when i pitch a blogger. i did it nicely. made sure that my email was personalized and not a spam. however, that blog owner only replied to me with a not so nice message. i'm sure i did everything i can to email that blog owner nicely. well i guess, there are always people like that

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