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April 12, 2013


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Thank you very much for sharing this story, David. Coming from the guy who literally wrote the book on "Newsjacking," it's high praise for sure. The one bit of color I'd add is this: all night my CEO, VP of business dev (Annie Bourne) and marketing manager (Kelly Rice) talked about ways we could "newsjack" the following day's announcement. We all used your term throughout our planning, and we followed your blueprint to execute. You wrote the playbook, we just ran the play. -Joe

David Meerman Scott

Joe, I love when people use my ideas and it leads to success. While I have no doubt that you could have done this without the book, I'm thrilled that you made use of the playbook. Keep up the good work!

Larry Waight

Awesome story!

Brian Kardon

Great story, David. Totally agree that there are lots of opportunities for B2B newsjacking. But I think most marketers lack the imagination, speed, and hard work of a Joe Chernov to succeed. Congrats to Joe and the Kinvey team for their success.

Sounds to me that Joe took a page out of two of your books -- Newsjacking AND Real-time Marketing.


Adam Sherk

Good example, and nice going Joe.

David Meerman Scott

Brian, while Joe may have had a spark of an idea from my writing, he totally pulled it off in the real world. It is so great to see success like this.

Ron Carter

David, your insights have helped another company execute a successful newsjacking campaign. You reinforced the ideas in your writing with stories like these. Thanks for sharing this story.

David Meerman Scott

Glad to hear it Ron!


I agree. Awesome story. thanks

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