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April 25, 2013


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Great thoughts and insights David...as usual. It really is amazing to think how things have changed in such a short time frame.

I think of how different my high school and college experiences would be had I had access to the tools and technologies available today. It also might have drastically affected my choice of careers and the path my life has taken.

It will be interesting to see how my children, now in middle school and elementary school will continue to harness technology as they ahve never known a world without mobile devices, tablets, video games and the Internet.

Just saying "world wide web" makes you think the planet is smaller than it actually is.

David Meerman Scott

Sean, Thanks for jumping in. I know what you mean about school. Recently I have presented via Skype at several universities that use my books in class. Can you imagine that back in the day? Science fiction.

Diminet Ana

I'm agree with your post and I like it very much.

Ari Herzog

I never visited villages where residents live in huts -- and it's great they're using mobile technology but there's a strange dichotomy of the two together. Do you think upgrading the materials of their homes will be next?

David Meerman Scott

Ari, I have seen similar places in many of the 86 countries and territories I have visited. That's the point - people will spend money on communications before they spend it on things like improved living conditions. But over time the economics improvement from communications will build their wealth.

Joseph Ratliff

This is a topic for your next book, David :)

Personally, I would like to see your exploration of this topic (the bigger "communications revolution").

Good stuff.

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