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March 19, 2013


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Avil Beckford


This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I will seriously think about it. These are the kind of experiences that I'd like to have. Right now I am working on a Virtual Literary World Tour where I am reading books by authors from around the world. I plan to combine literature with technology, geography and history. This experience is changing me, so I can imagine how going to Antarctica would change me. Thanks for extending the invitation and I like that it's only for a week. I will pass on the camping part though.


David Meerman Scott

Hi Avil - I know, right?! Doesn't it sound awesome! In my case, I am on a quest to deliver a speech in all 7 continents (I have done so in 6). So Antarctica is not only a childhood dream but also a business goal. I hope you can join. Camping optional. David


This sounds like an amazing trip and a great way to use social media to try and make a difference. Good luck and enjoy it!

Keith at KendallPress

David, this sounds like one of those amazing journeys that few get to take. I like all the aspects you are combining into this once in a lifetime travel location. I'm interested in going, but not sure it's even remotely possible this year.

However, Kendall PRess is glad to offer support and participation by broadcasting, blogging, re-tweeting and amplifying photos (sigh)and whatever real-time-connections that do work out from Antarctica if I can't be on your end of the expedition. Every expedition needs a base camp. Can we be base camp Kendall Square for you?

Here's your first volunteer.

Josh Hill


This is a tremendous offer that I recommend to anyone here who can make it happen. Just make it happen. I did a similar tour in 2010 and it was worth every penny to see the White Continent with experts and in comfortable accommodations.

Antarctica is the last pristine place on Earth and worth a visit at least once if you can. And to spend time with like minded marketers is a great bonus.

Bring any camera, but if you want action wildlife shots you'll need the fancy DLSR with telephoto lenses. Make sure you have a big SD card too :) I do recommend bringing waterproof boots, gloves, and pants. The other gear is probably not needed.


David Meerman Scott

Hi Keith! It's a once in a lifetime. If not this year, you should plan to do it later. Sure, I'd love to have you amplify the media coming out from the 7th continent.

Josh - I appreciate you speaking with me earlier this year about your experiences in Antarctica. Your enthusiasm is one reason why I made this trip a reality this year. Thanks for jumping in here with your first-hand impressions.

Jeff Reglin

That will be a wonderful trip and an experience of a lifetime. I watched the video of the Polar Plunge you shared, wow! Will you be jumping in? Seems like great material for a blog post about "taking the plunge for . . ."


David Meerman Scott

Hi Jeff -- Yes! I am going to do it all - camp, kayak, hike, and plunge! I am hopeful that I'll end up with a bunch of blog posts about the experience.

Colin Warwick

Folks, for a preview of the new rules of marketing and PR in Antarctica please check out David's video with Keri Nelson holding his World Wide Rave poster at Wilkes Piedmont Glacier, Marble Point at the 3m:12s point of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F4KHmm566I

David Meerman Scott

Colin - thanks for remembering!!!

Colin Warwick

David, you're welcome! That was the high point of the video for me. It sealed the whole "this really is world wide" idea for me. BTW, how on earth did you get that clip?

David Meerman Scott

Colin - I got people holding the poster from 6 continents and wanted to get someone in Antarctica. So.... Twitter of course! I just tweeted if anyone knew anyone in Antarctica who could do it. That day I was introduced to Kari and within about 10 days she had my poster and I got the clip! Social media rocks.

Colin Warwick

Wow! That's amazing... The title for your next book should be "Zero Degrees of Separation" (double pun intended) ;-)


This is actually an amazing trip. I wishes to have chance to be there.

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