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March 25, 2013


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Awesome post. Optimal use of Facebook for marketing. Creating a fun challenge and or competition is a great way to encourage active participation and sharing. March Madness bracket pools reinforces this concept in a different vein.

David Meerman Scott

Chinchayo - Yes, this is a very clever use of Facebook indeed!


I am currently working with a personal trainer trying to identify how to incentivize clients and have them spread the word for the transfigurations and changes they have made in their lives.

This challenge has a level of simplicity to understand it but the challenge is something people have to commit too.

Pretty awesome way to amplify your brand…

David Meerman Scott

Raul, I think this approach would be ideal for a personal trainer. People like to share transformations!

Sherwood Wilson

David, great post, I very much enjoy your writings. It is true what you say about marketers just wanting to talk up their stuff on social media, sometimes you just need to sit back and have fun with your stuff, people are smart, they can see through the phonies.

David Meerman Scott

Sherwood - This is a great example! It is fun indeed.

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