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February 12, 2013


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Dragan Mestrovic

I love this great example of content power!


These are great ideas! We love encouraging people to use video, and just wrote a post about how to best use it when planning out a trade show display! http://bit.ly/15bGNOk


Wao not only did she bring business in, become a thought leader, but she also saved lives by looking at the complete eco-system of her industry and how it ties in with other stuff.

I see so many individuals doing videos of the same things. But many don't stop and look what people might be searching for and in need of.

It starts with thinking what we need to find out and how to fix some of those issues.

I love reading these stories.

Sarah Park

Videos are really a lot more effective in promoting a business. I won't be wondering if one day, vlogging or video blogging will be the next trend in the blogging industry. Thanks a lot for this very helpful article.

Nick Stamoulis

Video marketing online can be extremely powerful. Many people are visual learners and would prefer to watch a "how to" video as opposed to reading a step by step guide. All you really need is a camera and some simple editing software.

cpr renewal

I discovered your webinar after googling Diabetes alert dogs on youtube. I have been incredible frustrated with how difficult it has been to acquire information for Diabetes Alert Dog training.

CPR and First Aid Certification 

Using “content” like this is like saying “food” – people don’t go to restaurants for food, they go for a meal, an experience, et. al. Excellent point and I am with you on the “ugh"!

Sarah Williams

Definitely true. In this new age of digital media, video ads is very important in the conversion of your marketing efforts.

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