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January 17, 2013


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Susan J. Campbell

Social media is the perfect platform to bring back the tourists, but will the campaign be led with the same passion? Do those with the tools and connections have the desire to build the local economy back to its former glory? This will be an interesting story to watch. Thank you for sharing your insight.

David Meerman Scott

Susan, I'll be watching too. It is important for the country that tourists return. And there is no doubt that social media can help. Let's hope that people come together. I've done my part.


Good reminder post. I think more content like this is essential to inform people of what is really going on. I haven't been to Egypt yet but it's on the bucket list and I look forward to visiting soon!

The great part of living now with access to all the social media tools, especially twitter, is that when I do decide to go, I can connect with people beforehand so when I arrive I get a much more personalized experience.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Joselin - If you're interested in going, now is the time! Hotels are very low cost and there are no lines!

Mohammed F. Reiad

tourist will back, Egypt has 7000 years of civilization with 35% of world historical places and culture. Travelers enjoy in Egypt better than other places as there kindly people, nice warm weather, and welcoming tourism environment.

Joseph Finkelberg

That's great! People have really found the power of sharing using the platforms online. Social media is really vital in today's world.

I also think that other than the social media, content is also important as people are driven to share something based on the quality and impact of the content.

David Meerman Scott

Mohammed - THere is no doubt that Egypt will be a tourist destination for many more thousands of years. However I worry about 2013. There are many people who work as guides, drivers, hotel workers, and who run shops who are affected greatly in 2013 by this downturn.

Facebook App Development

Social media so much that he cut off all internet and cell service in Egypt in an attempt to quell the dissident voices.


Thanks so much for posting! My friend and I were planning to go in April and after all of our friends and family kept telling us how dangerous it is, we started to second guess our plans. Now I'm very much looking forward to this opportunity of a lifetime.


Hi David,
Definitely because social media is the most powerful tool in the market today for generating business as majority of people like to surf social media platforms i.e. FB, Twitter.......

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