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January 22, 2013


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Laura Bergells

Improving the airline customer experience seems tough. If you take away the logo and the name, I really can't tell one airline apart from the other.

The little tech gadget you describe is easy to copy. It won't be unique to one airline for very long.

I wonder how an airline might truly distinguish themselves on customer service in a way that's unique and memorable. Toughie.


I stopped flying american many years ago. At that moment I did not fly enough with just one airline given the economic constraints that where given to travel and our client locations which where mostly in the south where other Airlines usually had better rates.

I fly Jetblue first and any other Airline before American given the terrible experiences I have had. On another note i have always seen how they really take care of their most loyal customers and flyers which now will be taken to a new level with technology.

As I said in the tweet I am really wondering what else that tablet does and how it will create a deeper relationship with flight attendant and passenger.

David Meerman Scott

Laura - I do think they are trying which is why I wrote the post. I fly 150,000 or so miles a year and it is the little things that make a difference.

Hi Raul - I agree that American does take care of its high-mileage frequent travelers. All that I learned about the tablet I included in my post. But I'm sure there is a lot more.

doug eymer

Love the BIG and BOLD design.
I will fly AMERICAN just for their sense of aesthetics. – cool stuff. thanks!

::!:: Doug.

David Meerman Scott

If Doug likes it, it must be good design!


Well done, indeed. These small, personal connections can make a huge difference in affinity toward the brand. I tweeted about an actor friend who was in a @FedEx commercial, and was surprised and impressed when FedEx responded: http://bit.ly/ViDW4g Great way to humanize the brand and strengthen ties to the customer.

David Meerman Scott

Tim - that's a funny ad, he did crush it. And it gives me a good feeling about @FedEx too.

Ira Gostin

I agree David, I have felt like they are TRYING. Might not be there yet. And I don't know how to get past the huge numbers of middle-aged flight attendants that have seniority and attitude, but I have really felt like they are making an effort. Love the clean, bold new graphics.

johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

American has deep rooted issues that extend way beyond its visual identity as Ira points out. It’s one thing to redesign the logo and quite another to redesign a company’s culture. For American Airlines to become solvent (and to an extent, relevant) again, American will need to redesign more than its visual identity. A redesign of the American Airlines company culture is needed.

David Meerman Scott

Ira and John -

I'm with you on *some* of the flight attendants. But I've had some terrific experiences recently with pilots, flight attendants and counter staff. I'm not sure if it's me getting older and just enjoying people more or that AA employees know that their company may merge with another airline and their jobs are on the line, but I have had good experiences.

Frank (in the photo in this post) for example was someone I'd love to have a beer with. We chatted for about 20 minutes on that flight. The pilots on this tweet https://twitter.com/dmscott/status/248453352415981569 were also very friendly as another example.

I think goodness comes when you look for it and rudeness does too.

Stephanie Clark

Treating loyal customers is important in retaining and rewarding loyalty, however shouldn't American focus some of their attending on attracting new customers in the hope that by providing an excellent service they will return?

David Meerman Scott

Stephanie - yes, of course. But that's not what my blog post was about. Hopefully they are doing that as well. I don't see it as either / or.

Custom Facebook App

American had a good CEO (Robert Crandall) that I think left the company in the late 90's.
Under his leadership the public loved American Airlines and the employees were proud to work at the company.

Caloundra Bookkeeper

I really appreciate it too.That the American air line is sending email too its customers before launching anything.A very good market strategy indeed.


Well done! I agree with you David


i used American Airline app on ipad and iphone. Great App for American Airline customers.

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