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December 04, 2012


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I have to say I am a big fan of the New Revolution but we can't disconnect completely from the fruits of the previous one.

I am reading a book called "Just My Type" and the accomplishments of Gutenberg are mentioned in a different manner.

I can't wait to see how this revolution keeps on gaining traction!

Keith at KendallPress

We are enjoying both the legacy of Gutenberg and the excitement of the revolution here at KendallPRess. Our oldest equipment uses the same basic principles as the original press and we are continually exploring the Communications Revolution, as you so aptly stated it, daily.

Fresh out of college, I had heard of Arpanet because of my dealings with Lincoln Labs. I saw Mosaic (or NCSA Mosaic) but could barely fathom how it worked. Netscape Navigator was indeed easy and a whole generation of us adapted to it with interest and wonder. So, yes, 1995 is a good point in time to peg the start of this amazing revolution.

Coming from a Mobile Madness conference in NYC yesterday, I can see and touch these changes. Anyone can. Look at Windows 8 on a tablet and sidestep its other controversies and some of us can see the increasing and relentless pace fueling the need for Real Time Web communications, awareness and fast response teams in business.

You continue to lead the way with your finger right on the pulse of where business, communications, and media (formerly known as newspapers, tv, and the 'other' press) need to get to!

David Meerman Scott

Keith and Raul - There is no doubt that print is NOT going away! I certainly think that the winners in the future are those who can tap the revolution while still using the communications tools that have worked for decades and centuries. Heck, I still write printed books and they are important for my business!


Thanks for the share.


Hi David,

I think because of this new revolution we use media more often than ever! Especially digital media.

What I realized is that I spend a lot of time trying to filter information and to build up my own little channel of sources I like to read. I use an RSS Reader (Netvibes) and Evernote to keep track but I still feel like I'm missing out lots of stuff.

How do you manage your online sources?
Greetings from snowy Vienna!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Samuel - good to hear from you. I give myself permission to not see everything. That helps a lot. I do not see every tweet or blog post or news story that the people I follow send. Oh, and I still read a print newspaper, some print magazines, and printed books!


Hi David, I totally agree wit you. We are what we publish. Our content is our mindset. When people read our content, they read our mindset. That's why we need to have the right mindset, be a great thinker.


Regarding reading print: I dropped my iPad last week (cracked the screen) and realized that I may never be able to be without it because the value of the books and magazine publications I have on it (including News Jacking)are now worth more than the replacement value of a new iPad.

This has got me seriously thinking about going back to print as my main source.

David Meerman Scott

Rodney - that is an interesting point. I'm thinking about 20 years from now. I'll have a bunch of print books in my library - but what about all the books I own on Kindle? Will I still have access to them? I have a bunch of 8-track tapes I owned when I was in high school but purchased the music I liked best from that again as CDs.

Long Beach PC Expert

I am working in Mobile company, I can see and feel these changes. Anyone can in every evolution right? Look at many technology brands and its other controversies and some of us can see the pace fueling the need for Web communications. I also would want to stress on awareness and fast response teams in business.

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