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December 19, 2012


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I find it ironic that the fellow that gained his fame by giving away his works for free would partner with the one company that asks for WAY TOO MUCH info before they will allow you to download a piece of free content!

Of course, I always point out and say the things that everybody is thinking, but nobody else will say ;-)

David Meerman Scott

Mike - My relationship with HubSpot is a good one despite the fact that we disagree on the use of gated content. It's not ironic to disagree nor is it ironic to work with people who have different outlooks than your own.

You're flattering yourself by assuming that nobody else would say that.

In fact Mike Volpe, HubSpot CMO have debated the issue a number of times including here on my blog "DEBATE: Totally free content vs. requiring registration" http://www.webinknow.com/2011/01/debate-totally-free-content-vs-requiring-registration.html


My mistake, David, was to flatter you by visiting and by leaving the only comment on the post.

You know, the ol' time, effort and attention thang.

But I won't make that mistake again.


David Meerman Scott

Sorry you feel that way, Mike. I apologize if I insulted you, but it wasn't intentional.

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