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December 26, 2012


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Getting coverage from traditional media outfits is a great way of promoting your business offline. It can ramp up your online presence as well if done properly.

Maciej @ Brandignity

I think this is an important area for any marketing person to grasp and understand correctly. Relationships are an important ingredient to web marketing. At first it might not seem that way but the really great links can usually occur from a more personal touch.


It's very crucial to understand marketing before proceeding with it. Thanks for the great post and sharing these wonderful tips.


Thanks for the audio but I had been waiting for 30 minutes, it didn't load.

David Meerman Scott

Sorry Kent. Don't know how I can help since it is hosted at the Boston Globe site.


Adding media coverage to any business can be quite expensive. For someone who is starting what is your suggestion?

David Meerman Scott

Ivette create and publish great content on the web.


Great info, especially for this marketer whose background is NOT in PR. Is there a transcript available? Thanks.


You can get advice on getting media coverage for your business with help of the post here. Good post

timeline facebook developers

Just in time for a client who needs PR but couldn’t afford the “enchilada”. Thanks much.

Imóveis no Lourdes

Congratulations posting. Very relevant and cohesive.

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