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October 14, 2012


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Thanks, David. One of things I miss about the glory days of television is the shared experiences. When I was a teenager our whole grammar school would watch Monty Python and spend the next day reliving the episode together. Seinfeld was the last "shared experience' TV show I can remember. Now social media creates a new way of sharing experinces.

David Meerman Scott

Yeah, back in the day when there were only a handful of television stations we had collective experiences. Now, with so much choice, they are much fewer. This one was fascinating because it wasn't "scheduled" yet we came together anyway via social networks.

Aalaap Roy

Wow! quite a spectacle..

Remco Janssen

Too bad a lot of people try to frame this as a one time stunt. Which it isn't. Red Bull had been sponsoring and participating in stunts and extreme sports for many years. For example, in The Netherlands they are known for the Red Bull Air Race (stunt flying between pawns across the river) & Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship (wicked downhill speed skating). Across the globe they host events like this, but they also participate in 'normal' sports events & teams like football - your soccer. Even in America with New York Red Bulls or in home country Austria with Red Bull Salzburg. It was bound to go this direction, which they executed brilliantly.

They only have one problem: how on earth can they ever top this one?

Perhaps the answer is in the word earth. If I was their marketing manager, I'd aim for a soccer match. On the moon!

Sean Carpenter

David - You're right. It was absolutely gripping to watch. When Felix gave a "thumbs up" and stepped out of that capsule, I am sure there was a collective gasp from those witnessing it, followed by a sign of relief when he softly touched down on earth.

Years from now when we see footage of this, I'll always be able to tell people that I was watching it with author/speaker/blogger David Meerman Scott...and about 8 million other people.

David Meerman Scott

Remco - yes, that is true about Red Bull. The things they sponsor are all about adrenaline - which, interestingly, is what their product gives you. Red Bull must have spent a huge amount of money on this one - it was more than five years in the making.

Sean - I know, right? My wife & I were watching it together, but sharing with many others. It was fascinating!

Tom Borgman

The coolest thing, other than the jump/fall, was when Captain Joe K. gave Check List item #whatever by saying "Raise legs...move seat forward..." and seeing, from the outside camera, Felix' legs moving on to the top of the jump ledge. Gave me goosebumps and sweaty palms. And Aalaap, I was thinking the same thing after reading shoot from the hip, uninformed comments on CNN's forum. This is the (end?) result/natural culmination of Red Bull's entire engagement marketing platform. And yes, now where do they go?? Will be fun to see.

David Meerman Scott

Tom - Wan't that amazing? I'm a fan of the Apollo lunar program and I own some original checklists that I have compared against the audio transcripts of when the astronauts have performed those maneuvers. But to see this live not knowing what was to come next was amazing.

Maciej Fita

This was amazing. I was watching this event live and I can see the Facebook status updates just building and building around the event real-time. It was clear that some people tuned in just because they saw someone else talking about it on Facebook. That is raw digital power right there.

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