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October 18, 2012


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Paul Gillin

Well said, David. What you're really talking about is fear of taking risks. All of the challenges you cite require considerable courage to tackle. This is one reason why large companies have so much trouble innovating. The culture punishes failure instead of learning from it.

Anand Radhakrishnan

Hi David,

Very inspiring and great takeaways from this post. Taking the contrarian approach can be very rewarding however as you rightly said getting companies to accept the off the script pitch can be the biggest challenge.



Of course there's a right way to do marketing and if someone isn't following the established course then everything will crash. Right?

It's good that everyone doesn't think that way, or we would never learn how to do things better. People would be too scared to try something new to take a risk. They fear embarrassment, loss of revenue, etc.

The thing is that without experimentation, there is absolutely no chance of gaining respect as an innovator, increasing revenue beyond the targets that are set, or surpassing other objectives.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Melanie! I agree that big barriers, as you say, are people fear embarrassment, loss of revenue, etc.

Peter Karpouzas

I've always said that if you are not ahead of the competition, then you will be behind it. Every change that takes place in society and business always has a set law book if you will and in most cases if you don't follow it, you will fall off the radar never to be seen again. Original these days is really the only way to go. You always have to think outside the circle if you are going to create the biggest stir in your industry. As for going off script, that would be a huge challenge

David Meerman Scott

Peter, "If you are not ahead of the competition, then you will be behind it." So true! Thanks for jumping in.

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