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September 24, 2012


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Kevin Walli

Good article on a very timely subject. You must make sure that any Flash animation/graphics are removed and substituted with HTML5 graphics. You can also write a section in your CSS that converts pages to mobile devices - both phones and tablets. Mobile is going to dominate in a very short time so be ready!

David Meerman Scott

Hey Kevin, I'm glad you jumped in with this additional information. Many thanks.

Improvement on Social Media

Mobile Responsive Design is booming in popularity for good reason: it future proofs your website. Today people want iphones, tablets and kindles: what about tomorrow? Wrist watches or Google Goggles. Device specific solutions like m.domain websites and native apps have high development costs and short product lifetimes.

Anton Koekemoer

Hi David,

Yes – I agree. With mobile being (and still becoming) a big part of traffic and social media engagement for brands and businesses you need to be sure that your mobile site is compliant (with browsers and with Google [actually more an SEO] Terms and conditions, with as you’ve mentioned mobile sitemap etc.)


thanks David

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thanks david,

can we use dudamobile.com or squarespace.com. but these all have limitations. Could you please suggest me more limitless solution.

SEO Company

Fun (and important) fact: The Google Mobile search engine indexes differently than the main Google search engine. You need to optimize for both.


If you don't have the time, skills, or patience you could use a great mobile website company. Email me at mobileimagemaster@yahoo.com and I can get you a free site simulation in 2 days on your site and get you up and running in a week with every option you need.

Virtual Office London

both phones and tablets. Mobile is going to dominate in a very short time so be ready!


yes I think the same phone and tablets will be the next thing


yes you need to optimize all the site to iphone and to desk top

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mobile phone plus internet is the next generation

Project 2010

As the development of mobile phone, we should adjust our site to be mobile-friendly. It will increase the number of visitors soon.

Laura Hunter

What about blogger.com or Wordpress? Are they also mobile-friendly?

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