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September 26, 2012


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Jim Ewel

David, great insights as usual. There are a couple more specifics to add to your list:

Bite size - content distributed in blogs, Youtube videos and eBooks tends to be shorter, more direct and written and produced quickly. Content is being produced in bite-size chunks, rather than in long-form. There are a few exceptions to this, but not many.

Visual - every blog post includes at least one, and often two or more visuals. eBooks are full of visuals. One only has to look at the difference between one of your early books and your latest (Newsjacking) to see the difference.



Great post David. I also want to add that Content should also be relevant and transparent otherwise it will not be liked and shared.

David Meerman Scott

Jim -- good points. My list wasn't meant to be comprehensive, so thanks for the additions.

Larry -- absolutely!


Excellent! I always vouched for the idea to find the pattern from other forms of good content ...especially music... unpredictable layers of sound made me experiment with layers of video for my On-Air Promotional work and in fact most of the times both mediums complimented each other magically!!! thanks for the recommendation... will certainly grab a copy of this book

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Brijesh - I've been searching for those patterns for a decade. It is really fun!


Definitely the next book I will be reading!

I always find it curious when people are always asking for something in return when you don't even know them. I guess the best way is to give something away like an e-book and earn their trust gradually!


Thanks for relating marketing to rock as you often do.

It is a constant battle between opt-in marketing vs Seth Godin/David Meerman Scott schools of no opt-in for free ebook. Most marketers say building the list is valuable, whereas you might say letting idea go viral is more valuable.

I'm still in the middle of those two schools of thought. Your evolved/recent thoughts?

David Meerman Scott

Rj_c - exactly. It's like asking for a woman's phone number in a bar before you've met her. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn't. And occasionally you're slapped.

David Meerman Scott

CareerPlanPro - I like the hybrid model of making all content free but at the end of the content having a secondary offer (such as registering for an email newsletter or a webinar)

Steve Drake

Great stuff David.

I especially like your thinking about reading and substituting the main word with your word.

You suggested substituting "content" every time David says "music."

Since I focus on associations and nonprofits, I've spent that last few decades urging colleagues to substitute the word (music, business, company) with "association" ... so they can see the full impact of what trends translate to the nonprofit world.

Appreciate your insight!


David Meerman Scott

Steve - glad it helped. It is a terrific book.


The article is very good and I learned many useful and interesting Nea who until now did not know. I follow your site often and loving much. Always there are many useful things for beginners.

Pamela Atherton

David... I am a big fan of the free model for content with no registration. So why does Hubspot, with whom you work, require an registration for its ebooks?

Roger C. Parker

Dear David:
Thanks for the book referral. I'm off to order it.

Your writing brought back memories of Harvard Square's Club 47 days.

BTW, have you ever encountered Daniel Levitan's This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession?


Don't let the title put you off: it's a spectacular book that explores musical themes in all genres from a neuropsychiatrist's point of view.

I think you, and anyone else with catholic musical tastes, would really enjoy it.

David Meerman Scott

Pamela - there are different points of view on content registration. HubSpot offers many, many things for free. And some they require registration.

Roger - Yes! I have read that book. And Oliver Sachs has some interesting books on the topic too. I think you will like Byrne's stuff.

Bruno Babic

David, what an awesome insight into the world of internet marketing!

I'm just wondering how many people here are really aware of the fact that it's not enough to just have the desire and willingness to make money on the web through let's say, selling ebooks but also the right mindset too.

Well, I'm actually writing this now in hope to inspire or intrigue somebody to wonder what it really takes to become a super successful millionaire internet marketer that many probably find their ever desired dream like I do.

After my 7 year long painful and agonizing drama full of tears and "cries for help" when trying to figure out how I could make tens of thousands of dollars a month online by selling ebooks, I am glad to tell you that I have finally "unlocked the code" of winning the game of making money online.

Subsequently, after years of hurting trials a nd errors and disastrous failures I have realized that the key to making money online lies in the combination of adopting the right entrepreneurial mindset, being productive through practicing a set of good, productive habits and finally understanding and implementing the right internet marketing strategies when it comes to drawing traffic to your website or blog and then monetizing or cashing in on that traffic.

It is as simple as that. And, yet we still see many people are still wasting their time sitting on major social networks to chat with their friends instead of asking themselves:

"Wait a second, I am now on facebook connected with another 20 million users. What would it look like if I could come up with an idea to setup and form my own social community around our common interests or passions and see if I could potentially recognize a desperate need or desire among the members of that community for solving a certain problem that I could easily solve?"

With the exactly same kind of thinking as I've just described and after I've actually got properly shaken with a life-changing Wake-Up call not to be a time waster in my life any longer, I've recently setup my own personal blog.

What kind of online presence you have?

Are you aware of the opportunity that the internet give both you and me to each become brands like Coca Cola and Disney now in the matter of months and not years or decades as it used to take in the past, if we simply make a little bit of effort towards spending our time online more productively and thinking of great earning possibilities that the internet is offering us?

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