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August 22, 2012


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Agree so much with David's article. It is comfortable to work a traditional campaign , because we can feedback 10 times until the final decision maker agrees to buy the idea from the agency. With real-time we have to react to consumers faster and it means to make decisions ourselves. Need to learn doing that again.

David Meerman Scott

Tanja - Exactly. Campaigns are comfortable. But success comes from getting out of your comfort zone.


I guess you won't be surprised that I appreciate the military analogies. But they ARE applicable.

The military is not going to fight many more large land battles, it's much more about asymetrical counterinsurgency. Much the same in marketing, as there are so many Davids wreaking havoc on the Goliaths.

I hope to meet you next week at Inbound to get some books signed. I also have a grenade to give you. Don't worry, it's not the exploding kind!

David Meerman Scott

Artillery - see you next week!

Tony Faustino

Chapter 7: Crisis Communications and the Media in the first edition continues to be my favorite section because your pragmatic advice would help so many people and organizations in dealing with crisis situations.

Your 5-Point Plan on "how to credibly connect with journalists before you need them" is solid gold because building trust and credibility with the media takes significant time. The best time to build these media relationships is before a negative event strikes (not as the crisis unfolds).

Congratulations David on this latest, revised and updated edition!

Bob Steinkamp

David, thanks for writing this post. As an agency owner, one of the most frustrating things for me is recognizing when a client or potential client needs to using social media, but refuses to for whatever reason he or she has.

Repositioning it as "real-time" media just seems like a brilliant idea, because it rings true with the mindset of most of the executives I deal with. They don't want to hear that building a social media following takes time (and an investment of their time), they want results, and they want customer retention and loyalty. I can see our firm repositioning SM as real-time communication with them, and making our efforts to get them to buy into it a lot easier. Thanks again for sharing this idea.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Tony!

Bob - it works! Glad to have you try out using the "real time" language. Good luck.

Emma Barton

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.


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Thank you for this post, it is very inspiring. I'm also curious, how long it will take the 'old fashioned-marketers' to finally adjust more real-time communication/marketing

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