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August 27, 2012


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Grant Crowell

Thanks for sharing this, David. I think the core of the strategy you're getting at is back up your legitimate tie to a story with some form of action taken on your part. This seems to go beyond just making commentary, but a direct attempt at engaging the subject of the story, perhaps?

David Meerman Scott

Grant - I think it can be just commentary, but there needs to be some legitimate tie to your organization to get a lot of exposure. In other words, you need to post content that the media and your buyers care about.


Sounds like a legit cheap advertisement ...... But draws more attention then d national geographic :)


Grant Hunter

Hi David

We really liked Lynx's effort. It's cheeky and irreverent but links directly to the product.


David Meerman Scott

Grant - Lynx did a great job. Many thanks for sharing here!


Hi, David --

We Newsjacked the story with a good amount of success, but didn't go viral for the reasons you state above.

Here's what we did:
• Uploaded a post with photo within an hour of story breaking
• Tied it to marketing by including an infographic about stories that go viral
• Watched as the traffic spike for about 24-48 hours

Our traffic bumped up, but it didn't go haywire for the reasons you stated above -- a good Newsjacked story will have a clear and direct link to your industry/business. Otherwise, it's a force fit.

Thanks for the update. Still learning. And still a believer.



I was thinking the same thing, Prince Harry has done more for Vegas in a two days, then anyone.

He should make this an annual thing.


I think the most critical where many organizations can't do effective newsjacking is in the timing. The problem is most organizations are so into following so many protocols by the time the run through them all the value of connecting news to something becomes depreciating.

Barbara Nelles

BTW, I see that the city of LV also committed a Prince Harry newsjacking--and it really gave me a good laugh: http://www.visitlasvegas.com/knowthecode/ [such that I shared it--a lot.]


The guy is yust great

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