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August 03, 2012


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Ginny Glover

I noticed this right after the 200 Breast final. Immediately impressed with AT&T on keeping abreast on the Olympics advertising, in lieu of all of NBC's tape-delay-spoilers drama.

David Meerman Scott

Ginny - I know right. I went "WOW" when I saw it.


well done, AT&T. Fidelity Investments tried this real-time approach a few years back with a series of ads that ran in the evening with the same day's financial headlines inserted. It was unimpressive.

One of my favorite Olympic ads this year (not real-time) shares a wonderful story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYKT3_-NCEw

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Tim - I noticed that one too!


Too cool! Great job BBDO. I wonder if other agencies will take note and try to implement "real-time" approaches in other ways...definitely would keep things interesting.

David Meerman Scott

How to Market to Me -- in my experience, the vast majority of ad agencies (and clients) operate in traditional campaign mode. While I hope more will think about real-time, I am a bit pessimistic.

John Berto

Well, it was so awesome to ME, that I'm obviously still thinking about it days later. What a brilliant idea. Great job ATT.

Anton Koekemoer

Hi David ,

Yes , with so much depending on real-time communication (when it comes to business and personal use alike) it’s hard to believe that so little marketing has caught up with the whole real-time marketing effect the advances in technology has to offer to both the market and the marketers. And thanks for sharing the links to the ads. Just to be able to recap if you haven’t seen it yet.

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