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July 05, 2012


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James Mignano


I caught my first glimpse of the show this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe program. Although I haven't watched a full episode, it certainly seems like an interesting view into how a newsroom operates, and I'm already excited to start watching the show.

James Mignano

David Meerman Scott

Check it out James. It is well done.

New York Developers

Perfect match. If you are interested you should participate in "agencies of the future", which is about the question what the values are an agency of the future has to live up to.


A tweet from @JustinLevy brought me here. I just finished the second #Newsroom episode and I would agree with you that there are may be some tips for #PR and others courting the media.

Thanks for leading me to the Huffington Post review of the show. It's based on 4 episodes so I tried not to read too much of it but it was interesting. After working as an executive in Japan for 20+ years, I have a different perspective on women's issues.

You mentioned that you worked in Japan in your article which attracted my attention. I enjoy meeting people who spent time there.

Actually I worked in Japan in two tours with a break between them from from 1991 to late 1993 (in LA/NYC). I looked at your LinkedIn and see you were there April 1987 - August 1993. My first tour I was buried pretty deep inside the Japan machine, mastering Japanese, distribution etc. Although I did join the Foreign Correspondents Club in 1990 - so we might have attended some things at the same time there. Sorry we didn't meet then but hope we'll have some opportunity in the future. Perhaps at a conference.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Linda,

I'm glad you followed Justin here. Welcome.

I was first in Uji, Kyoto, Japan in 1977 as a high school exchange student for the summer. I lived in Tokyo from 1987-1993 and Hong Kong from 1993 - 1995.

I was involved with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and did go to some FCCJ events but I was not a member.

My Japan experience was really important to shaping who I am now.



Hi David, great advice (to watch newsroom) will sure get it in Malaysia! :)

Melonie Dodaro

I haven’t checked it out yet, but hopefully, soon. A behind-the-scenes glimpse at what’s happening inside a newsroom will definitely be exciting. Although it may be presented in a more dramatic way, I know that it cannot be farther from the truth.


The first episode was really interesting, I mean this is great opportunity to understand or learn how newsrooms/people int eh newsroom work together to make a good news for us all.


I saw some interviews of the Cast quickly on TV but since I don't watch much of it. I remember I went to do other things.

Now that you recommend taking a look at it.

I am going to have to set it up in my DVR!

Kary Rafizadeh

I love the show and find every episode to be fascinating from both a journalism and pr perspective.

I'm glad that it's spending fairly equal time exposing the fabrications/hype/hysteria in both liberal and conservative media.


I think it is interesting to hear the opinion about The Newsroom from someone who has media experience, so thanks for the review! I hope you’ve kept up with the series past the first episode, because it has only explored further into the flaws of our media systems! I would love to hear your thoughts on Sorkin’s commentary that our society cannot function properly with a Media whose main priority is money and ratings. That’s one thing I love about The Newsroom; everyone has an opinion on it! From high-profile media organizations, like NPR and The Huffington Post article you featured, to a few of my Dish coworkers chatting around the lunch table, The Newsroom has stirred up world of controversy and debate. So far, I side with Sorkin on his beliefs outlined in the show, so much so that it’s actually gotten me intrigued about his previous works, like The West Wing and The Social Network that you mentioned. Those titles are available among many more from the Blockbuster@Home service that I get through my Dish account, so I will have to check them out and see if they carry the same brilliance I’ve seen in The Newsroom. If you have any other recommendations on shows worth watching, please continue to post them!

David Meerman Scott

Marsha, Yes, I've watched each episode soon after it was released. I'm loving it. I really liked the West Wing.

There are millions of citizen journalists out there writing blogs. Combined with the for-profit media and a handful of nonprofits, I think we're in good shape. Why? Because we have an open system.


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