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July 30, 2012


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Jorge Conceição

I absolute agree with you David!
I always say to my clients to avoid “those roads with a lot of traffic”. And that applies to business as well! Last Christmas some of my B2B companies decided to send the “good old” Christmas Cards, really personalized, hand written (or signed) because the Electronic Christmas Cards were not very effective anymore! Too much “traffic” on Internet and a lot of people doing the same thing! The good thing is really balancing both things! You’re right! Thanks David! I knew I was right but with your input I feel more comfortable!

David Meerman Scott

Jorge - Thanks for jumping in. I like your comment to your clients to avoid “those roads with a lot of traffic”. Well said.

Cygnis Media

Great describe you digital and analog. I also like the comment of Jorge. Thanks


The old analog impress me deeply!
Thank you!


thanks for website

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