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July 18, 2012


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Colin Warwick

Thanks for the hat tip, David. As a result of our interview last February, I was selected to give a related talk at ProductCamp Boston last month. I expanded the material we talked about then, and posted it here:


One tip the CIPR guideline seems to miss is for PR professionals to seek help at Wikiproject Cooperation:


...it's a good resource.

Hope this helps!

Stuart Bruce

It's early days but the initial consultation reception to the guide has been positive. Be interesting to see if there are any comments on here that we can feed into this evening's discussion. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for all the help Colin! You are a font of Wikipedia knowledge and I appreciate your willingness to jump in.

Stuart, this is excellent work and very valuable to marketing and PR people. Please keep us updated. Many thanks!

David King

Some editors I talked to at Wikimania expressed some contention about the guide, but I think it's basically good. Any genuine improvement someone could want to make to Wikipedia can be done without directly editing the article. There's no need to get into all the controversy of directly editing Wikipedia, when a little extra patience and work can remove ethical ambiguity.

Another good guide I've been contributing heavily to (still in draft form) is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Dennis_Brown/EASYMONEY

-David King

David Meerman Scott

David, Many thanks for jumping in and for sharing the link to your guide.

Account Deleted

Great tip! I'm working with digital marketing for a year and so far haven't really thought of Wikipedia for this. I'm downloading the PDF, and will check it. Thanks!

futuristic marketing

Thanks for sharing the example from Stella Beer. It seems so tempting to try to use Wikipedia for promotional purposes when the intent is edification of internet users. I will download the guide and see where the line is drawn even more so.


Thanks for sharing this. It provides a deeper insight into the structures and rules of Wikipedia. Everyone who wants to integrate Wikipedia in their Marketing/PR should read that. Great!

Who Won the Week

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Alan Belniak

An interesting observation: the guide is a .pdf. While sorely needed (and I applaud those involved, after having been on the receiving end of Wikipedian barbs), I find it interesting that the content is being delivered in an inherently static medium. Why not make it a dynamic medium, like a web page, but with restricted editing rights? This way, as changes are made, they are live and real-time... as opposed to having to wait for a collection of changes to issue another version/rev of the document.

In any event, I'll download and read and enjoy. Simply an observation on the delivery mechanism.


I never thought of using Wikipedia to do PR and marketing because I know that we can't do self promote, that's why I gave up. I think I need to read "Wikipedia Best Practice Guidance for Public Relations Professionals".

David Gerard

Alan - the editable original is on the Wikimedia UK website, and here's the talk page where future versions are discussed: http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Draft_best_practice_guidelines_for_PR Not terribly active at present, obviously, while everyone sees how v1 works out in practice.


With this post it is about an year since I've started following your blog, David, and I just wanted to say thanks for all the good work you do!
I was very excited to hear that you are coming to my home country, Bulgaria, in November, and I could skip my UK university to come and see you. Sadly, the company that is organizing the event has placed some ridiculous prices and 0% discount for students which is such a pity.
Thanks again for this post and all the help that you have, indirectly, provided me with!

David Meerman Scott

Alan - that is an interesting observation! As David mentioned back to you, there was originally a wiki but the final doc could have been delivered that way.

stesto - Too bad on the pricing of my masterclass. I wish there was something I could do personally, but they are in charge. In any case, I'm thrilled that my ideas have been helpful to you.

Alan Belniak

I just finished reading it, and did note at the end, there is a link to the living, breathing version. So, mea culpa. But I do appreciate the discourse here about it. Thanks.

Lisa Ang

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