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July 11, 2012


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I am a proponent of writing bios in the first person vs. the third person. First person seems a bit more personal and authentic. I know third person does make it easier for people to grab your bio: the media, event planners, etc, and everyone's business goals might not be reached by being more personal. What are your thoughts David?

David Meerman Scott

Rizzo - A great point. I've done it both ways. My current one is in third person. I think it is a personal decision based on how formal (or informal) you want to be.

I have some first person stuff on my site

Mark Mathson

Good timing! I have recently been thinking of ways to create a more effective social media about page. This can be easy for personal brands sometimes more than business brands, in my opinion. But I think it is good to consider it for both!

I would be curious to see yours and/or other's feedback on linking to your social media about page directly from your social accounts vs. linking directly to home page.

One example I can think of that seems pretty effective is Michael Hyatt's: http://twitter.com/MichaelHyatt links to a special about page.

Mark Mathson


For personal brands I like the first person style as well. Can be a good conversation starter.



Good point on the email. There is also a way to obfuscate the email address if you are using wordpress very easily and it is easily read by humans.

I need to upload a video I created for my about page months ago. I am debating if I should get one of my professional friends to edit it! :)

David Meerman Scott

Mark - I think @MichaelHyatt is onto something. Having purpose built about pages for different audiences makes sense to me. The question is what's really different when someone wants to learn about you via Twitter via some other social channel??

Rj_c - I've been told by new visitors that my video is helpful so I'd say go for it.

ammar alsameea

thanks for the tip :)


Great post, David! We're in the process of adding about pages to our website/blog and I'm looking forward to getting a better relationship with our audience. It's also been really good finding out more about colleagues who aren't based in the same city.

Melonie Dodaro

Good point about the video. We just thought about possibly creating one. I guess it gives a more personal appeal when people see you as if you’re talking to them.

David Meerman Scott

Susie - Glad that the timing works for you to get a few ideas.

Melonie - Video is a great addition to an About page.

Web Designer Brisbane

I agree with you, David. The individual is becoming more and more the focus online, rather than the organisation. I think your point applies for blogs both of a personal/individual nature and those that represent a company or larger organisation. As Google recognizes the author of a post and promotes these in search listings, individuals will become more valuable to organisations.

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