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June 20, 2012


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I think that copying competitors has hurt me when doing business locally in the sense most of my clients want to compare me to what they think are my competitors.

We all have our way of doing business but if I followed what my competitors did I would be in my opinion behind on many things. In a small island in the caribbean everything is laid back and everyone gets into their comfort zone to easily.

I will use this to help some of my clients understand why just comparing to competitors is something that might put you in a disadvantage and even worst have you titled as a "Me Too".

Thanks for always sharing these bit of knowledge. Very interesting I love music but I am no Musician. I enjoy watching and enjoying when a musician performs. Let me see if I can get this year to the Gathering of the vibes!

Andy Strote

In the marketing work we do with our clients, we always start any major campaign with a Competitive & Comparative overview. Clients readily understand why we might want to look at the competition, but sometimes question why we would want to look outside the industry.

You've nailed it in this post.

Many times, the bar is quite low in a given industry - not much to learn there. But we often look to recognized industry leaders and ask ourselves, what does Apple do? What about BMW? How does the local cable company deal with the many complaints that it receives? Lots to learn by looking further afield.

David Meerman Scott

Rj - Good. Glad the post helped.

Andy - Keep pushing. It can be difficult to get people out of their comfort zones.


I really like this idea. It is not something I have thought about before, but I can see how businesses get into a rut by compareing themselves with their competitors. Great advice.

Melonie Dodaro

This made me think a little harder as I ask myself that same question. But I would normally not think about direct competitors to answer the question. My mind would normally go back to what a heroine could have done if faced with a similar situation.

Bookkeeper Sunshine Coast

Stepping forward for the best of your products and services is of great value in operating an enterprise. It is even tough to get the attention of those whose comfort zones are beyond what your expectations. This, however, is not impossible provided that you have the dedication to never lose hope to build your own reputation in the business world.

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