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May 24, 2012


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Having visitors & their quality comments, providing something that others seek out again and again (in this crowded web)
are in themselves valuable - though I don't sell many books.

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Marc Ensign

I couldn't agree more as a consumer and a marketer. I regularly give workshops and other speaking engagements on search engine optimization and social networking and people always give me that weird look when I don't spend the last 20 minutes trying to sell them a bill of goods. From start to finish the entire workshop is about cramming as much value into as I can. If someone hires me because of it, GREAT! If not, GREAT! It's not about me...it's about meeting their needs.

David Meerman Scott

Marc - that's my approach at my engagements too. Audiences hate the approach where speakers do the hard sell for their DVDs or books at the end of the gig.


I really don't know how its possible, but most people still ignore the advice to focus on the customer needs, not their ego. I'm starting to think that for some that will never change.

Melonie Dodaro

“You sell more when you stop selling.” -- this hits the nail right on the head. People will become drawn to you when they see you as someone who is willing to help and add value, not someone who is just out there to go for the kill.

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Great article David! Our content is shifting more so from quantity to quality for our sites here at Blue Global Media. Loved how you covered it here.

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David thanks for a great reminder not to push the product. This may look unattractive to the reader. If you could send me tips how to educate them via emails that is much appreciated. Thanks!

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