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April 10, 2012


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Emiel Sondag

I get where everyone's coming from. I mean, we've seen Facebook eat great startups before, rip the teams apart, integrate them, never to be heard of again. So I get why Facebook is seen as the the new Yahoo here.

But, this will be the first time Facebook will keep a team intact, as well as their service independent from Facebook. Instagram is the largest mobile social network, and they did this all without Facebook (or Android, for that matter).

Suddenly the hipsterchiques are enraged because they expanded the Instagram experience to Android? Or are acquired by Facebook?

No, I don't think Facebook will destroy Instagram. The separation from Facebook is one of Instagrams' strengths. Facebook could (no, should) learn from this, maybe take notes, because the hipsterchiques aren't worried for nothing. Maybe they take a clue that we don't want full Facebook integration and put a like on everything.

David Meerman Scott

Emiel - I do hope you are correct. I'm pessimistic but do value your contrary opinion. Thanks.

Bob James

Bad news. But good photo!

Ann Handley

I'm worried, too, about full Facebook integration (and walling it off from other social networks).

At its core, Instagram is a rich platform that inspires intimacy, connectivity with others, and true engagement. Meanwhile, Facebook is anything but. So -- worried? Yes. Irrationally so? Perhaps. But so much depends on what Facebook does next.

My take is here, BTW: http://www.mpdailyfix.com/facebook-acquires-instagram-is-your-best-friend-marrying-that-guy/


I might just cancel my Facebook account.


Unfortunately I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach about this deal as I do about Twitter buying Posterous a few weeks ago for the talent.


I'm not worried. If Facebook kills Instagram, somebody else will step into that void. Instagram reaching 30 million followers from scratch is very impressive but let's face it, several other players have enough cloud to create a new service and sign up that many followers in a month, just from their current install base (apple, google, twitter).

Of course if the alternatives would also all belong to a closed system, that would be annoying. But in the end, the consumer chooses and as you point out, ultimately they choose choice.


Oops. Of course some have clout, not cloud (except the Silicon Valley rainmakers, they have cloud too).

Colin Warwick

I'm more worried that the word "billion" reminds me of another "B"-word: bubble. There's no way Instagram is worth a billion of Zuck's or another sucker-berg's money.


I think it was a great move on facebooks part. When google bought youtube, it didn't ruin it and i don't think facebook is going to ruin instragram either. With pinterest growing so popular lately due to pictures and ideas and instragram being such a great picture application, i can see good things coming from this merge.


I agree with you David and am also worried about what FB will actually 'do' with Instagram. Thoughts of what happened with Napster crossed my mind! - http://wp.me/pJX7l-Cb

Stan Dubin

When the big guys buy out the little guys in the brick and mortar space, we get the good, the bad and the ugly. Although, now that I think of it, big guys often didn't buy out their much smaller competition. They squeezed them out with low prices and being located everywhere (books, office supplies, pet stores). All's fair there, as some of the small guys still made it go right with some very creative niche marketing.

But here, we have an exchange of a Buh, Buh, Billion dollars. I almost feel like Zuck paid that sum for the limelight associated with that exorbitant payout.

If, as David says, FB walls in Instagram as they have done with pretty much their entire online world, then it's a bad deal for us.


There is a reason why many believe the Facebook acqisition of Instagram will lead to the demise of Instagram, it is called GoWalla


David, I agree with you that Google and Facebook are building walled gardens around their users or "product". I said as much in my blog post in 2010. http://charlestonpr.com/posts/back-to-the-future/


This merge is probably due to Pinterest growing so popular lately due to pictures and ideas and Instragram being such a great picture application.

Alex R.

I wonder how many people actually use Instagram as a Social Media outlet vs. just a photo enhancer program. I know for myself, I just use it to make my iPhone photos look cool but never comment, like, etc. anyone elses images.

David Guetta

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Cygnis Media

Facebook has been blocked for years in China, but Instagram is already in use in the country, pointed out Lorretta Chao on a Wall Street Journal blog.

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yeah facebook destroy not only instagram, facebook destroy future of our youngsters.


We can’t be sure of what will happen. Let us hope for the best. It will be difficult if Facebook restricts accessing Instagram from other social networking sites and sharing it directly with them. I have been using Instagram and it is very cool. By the way I like your photo!

Gary Brock

I'm not so worried. I suspect that Facebook will treat Instagram the way Google treats Youtube. Youtube is a tremendous asset for Google and hopefully Instagram will be a big asset for Facebook.

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