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April 12, 2012


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Dara Bell

Hi David,

I have approached my degree like this always online or watching public tv broadcasts for lastests hot topics. These would then find there ways into my essays and presentations.

Think how a team like this could handle an inappropriate comment from Rush Limbagh or pacific Oilspill. I think we can do this individually for our clients on Twitter at a low cost. We can track mentions of their brand via Twitter search and trending topics.

Having the desks spread over several language zones and time zones is clever as stories can be tracked globally. Very good idea from Golin Harris


Dara Bell

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Dara. Good for you to take this approach too!


Really intriguing! So true, I have found many traditional ad agencies are not nimble enough to do social media or react to it and until recently haven't felt comfortable suggesting this to their clients. On a side note. The USDA's "new pyrmaid" wasn't MyPlate...My Plate replaced that icon to convey the USDA's nutritional messages. I think a better message for Hartz would have been the MyDog Bowl.

Colin Warwick

Reading this I'm seeing parallels between rapid "guess, check, correct" product development trends (scrum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_(development) and lean startup http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_Startup ) and product marketing trends like this one. Or maybe I've been too immersed in the product development "hammer" recently and everything is starting to look like a nail?



This blog is absolutely phenomenal. Fascinating look into this. I am definitely passing this along to my supervisors.

Thank you

-Grant Kenney

Ron Carter

Thanks for another insightful post David. I love the AutoTrader.com Newsjacking strategy.

Your profile of GolinHarris is both timely and well deserved.

Ron Carter

Remy Kelvin

As a matter of fact it has now become a fashion to criticize people on social media in ant manner one wants. No doubt social media is a strong tool in today's society but we all learn to use it properly. Thanks for the nice post!!

michelle in Htown

I love the pairing of traditional and social media. Traditional media may not be as nimble, but there's much to be said for the depth newspaper folks look for in every story.

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