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April 20, 2012


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T.R. Dellin

David, How fortunate you were to see Bob live and to capture images of the show and that you held on to the pictures after all these years. Funny to think there were no other photos of this show, so different from today where everyone in the audience in snapping pics with their phones. Bob is certainly one of the all time greats and it was a tragic loss. Looking forward to seeing the film.


What a wonderful story! The serendipitous, full-circleness of it is just way too cool. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I can't wait to see the documentary.

Marcia Forbes

It was great to watch it in a jam-packed Emancipation Park, Jamaica, last night. The vibes/spirit was incredible and the film looked wonderful on the large screen. Kudos to its producers and Director MacDonald. One Love!


when i click the banner at the top of the page, it just loads the image (FF Browser)

David Meerman Scott

T.R. and Lisa - I know. I was lucky but somehow I am convinced that fate was involved.

Marcia - Amazing! It would have been so cool to be there with you. I want to see a photo.

Matto - click the "Marley" link right below the banner. It goes to the film Facebook page.

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Bob Marley is epic and yes he is always one good artist with music videos going viral.. You are one lucky guy David to come and see one of his shows.I really wanted to see Bob perform,I am one of his supporters and a fan.


David, this is so cool. Hard to believe it was 32 years ago that we would take the Blue Flame for a road trip to the Stanley that would turn out to be his last concert. To this day I still tell everyone I know when listening to some Marley that "I was at his last concert" and didn't even know it....I remember you going down practically onto the stage to take those pics. We all wondered where you had gone. Little did we know.

David Meerman Scott

Ned! So great to hear from you! Yes, you were the one who was playing Bob Marley in Mather way back when we were 18.

The Blue Flame did us proud that night. I tell everyone I know about it too!!

The film is terrific. And my pics really are the only known visual record of that show. I was sent an early copy of the film - it is great. The Stanley show features big time in the film and my pics are on screen for a few minutes.

Pam McNamara


I was fortunate enough to see Marley live in at Uptown Theater in Chicago on Nov. 13, 1979 during the "Survival Tour".

I remain a major fan of all types of music and still love going to shows. But seeing Marley perform remains the musical highlight of my life.

Thanks for sharing your passion and photos. I'll be off to see the movie this weekend.

Here is Roger Ebert's Review, Chicago Sun Times --


David Meerman Scott

Pam, cool that you caught Bob Marley too. I also continue to go to shows at a good clip. I've seen nearly 500 bands live. Enjoy the film!



Thank you for sharing such a great story! As you well know Bob Marley was not just a fantastic musician, but an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. Amazing that even 32 years after his death his message of love and unity seem to be 10x stronger. We all can learn something from him!

Joe K

PS: Coincidentally, my wife's hands down favorite song is "3 Little Birds." Both of our daughters sing it constantly and Bob's message in the song is our family mantra. Thanks again for sharing.


Mr David!
"I'm not trying to make a marketing lesson out of this story, but had I not posted content in the form of that Amazon review of the CD, the world would never have seen photos of Bob Marley's last concert."

This is so amazing!

Very cool man!

Avil Beckford


My heart is so full, thank you for this post. I'm a Jamaican-Canadian and I loved Bob Marley. I never went to any of his concerts, because I always thought there would be time to see him perform - I have lots of his music and my favourite is Three Little Birds.

My friend Patricia Scarlett produced the documentary, Ras Ta a Soul's Journey, which was released to a select audience during February 2012, Black History Month. Bob Marley's granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast tells the story of rastas and Bob and Rita are in it. I was fortunate to attend the first screening which was held at The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Here is the link to the trailer http://youtu.be/O6l2heZssJ0.

Thanks again for this lovely post.
Thanks again for this post.

Andy Strote


Nice post! I will find this doc. Two things to add:

i was just in Negril and caught Marcia Griffiths in concert on the beach. Not a great video, but here's what it was like:

BTW, she's included in a reggae package tour that's about to hit North America.

Avil mentioned the song Three Little Birds. I think it's gotta be the real Jamaican national anthem. I caught the tail end of the Negril Mento Band doing the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhhCPUleGbg&feature=relmfu

I love these guys! And lastly, yep, I've been to Nine Mile to do the tour. A 4/20 moment as soon as you get out of the car.

Happy for your pictures and memories of an historic concert.

David Meerman Scott

Joe & Avil - 3 Little Birds is just a happy song. Love it. Here is a cool version

Avil - thanks for the trailer. I will check it out.

Andy - Thanks for the vids. I'd love to catch the tour. What is Nine Mile like now? When I went there was absolutely no tourist infrastructure. It was just me, my girlfriend, and our driver. Bob Marley's uncle emerged from behind a house and showed us around. It was very laid back. This would have been in 1986.

David Meerman Scott

For all the three little birds fans, TracyChapman's version is killer

Andy Strote

I was at Nine Mile 7 years ago. No tourist infrastructure to speak of, other than more people going there. But the neighbours are ready for you with some offerings to get you in the right mood. Other offers of tours of local "gardens". All for a little contribution of course. But, that's OK. It was great to see, and a memory of a lifetime for my son who was really getting into reggae and dancehall. We also managed to make it to a real roadside dancehall party one night. Only two tourists (white guys) there. My son knew most of what the DJ was spinning, so it wasn't long before they got talking and he was invited into the booth. Jerk chicken and Red Stripe by the ocean. Great night!


Raul Colon

Catching up on my blog reading this has been the coolest thing I have read in quite some time! I am big fan of Bob and being from the caribbean and even bigger fan of reggae.

Can't wait to see the film! Congrats on having your pictures published on that experience of seeing a legend!

David Meerman Scott

Andy - that's cool that Nine Mile hasn't turned into Disneyland. In a way it's good that its a bit remote. Good for you to do that dancehall party. I've never done that.

Raul - The film is great. Yes, I was lucky and it makes for a cool story. Thanks for commenting.

Anne Sorensen

Hi again David .. just catching up on my blog reading! :) This is such a great story. What a buzz and great memories. I know you weren't trying to make a marketing lesson of it ..but yes - if you weren't "co-creating value" on Amazon the inclusions would never have happened. Will look out for the movie. :) Take care and 'rock on'. :)

David Meerman Scott

Anne - you'll like the movie! Not sure when it is opening in Australia but I'm sure it would be soon.

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