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March 02, 2012


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Jon Burkhart

Thanks, David. Other judges are from Google Creative Labs, Saatchi and Saatchi, Crispin Porter Bogusky, BBH Labs, Wired UK and even another author who I love Grant McCracken who wrote Chief Culture Officer.

We still need more teams from the USA. The competition starts in 1 hour here in London but you've got 6-9 hours to gather a team across the Pond.

One little note: you can create and seed content any time during the competition. For example, if you think you've got an idea about Justin Bieber turning 18 and becoming a man yesterday and it's simple and do-able, go ahead and get it out there tonight or tomorrow. Don't wait til Sunday.

Bieber was a huge topic last year because on the weekend, he'd just guest starred on CSI and he was also launching his 3D movie. I didn't plan it this way. Just can't seem to shake the Bieb. Here's our top 21 entries from last year if you're curious:


Enter NOW. You'll either make content that rides the trending wave and creates a meme or you'll have a whole lot of fun trying. Or both. Cheers, Jon

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jon. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this!


Exciting.. Our entry tries to newsjack a proprietary standard (think Microsoft using Windows API to promote IE and kill off Netscape)


Here’s our "second paragraph"


Let the virality begin… ;-)

David Meerman Scott

Go Colin! Fascinating stuff. Keep us posted.

Elizabeth Chatterton

We've got our content live - and I registered our team - I'm just not sure where we submit the post itself! Am I missing a step?

Here's the link: http://www.kegworks.com/blog/2012/03/04/is-beer-really-cheaper-than-gas-kegworks-investigates-030412/

David Meerman Scott

Elizabeth -- AWESOME INFOGRAPHIC!!! Well done. I look forward to talking it up for you tomorrow when more people are online.


Score! At 5AM Sunday morning Eastern we garnered an unexpected response from the head of the division we were trying to newsjack. He's based in Europe, so it was ~11AM his time. Don’t know how he found our posting so early on Sunday morning, but he did, so I chalk that one up to a success. Before the posting he didn’t know me from Adam but now he knows I’m on top of the topic! http://signal-integrity.tm.agilent.com/2012/o-is-for/#comments

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