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March 07, 2012


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Bravo! NDT is my *favorite* astrophysicist! He could read from a phone book and it would be fascinating and informative.


Hi, David --

I know you're an Apollo geek, but are you also into astronomy as well? I'm an astronomy geek and would be curious if you have any other suggestions (in addition to "Space Chronicles") for books that focus specifically on astronomy.


-- Jamie Turner

Andy Strote

I have always had very mixed feelings about space travel and potential colonization. Here on earth, we know we have an atmosphere that easily supports human life as we know it. So far, any other alternatives have not been nearly as inviting (live in a space suit forever?). And yet people persist that we must colonize the moon, planets, whatever. Might I suggest that we spend real time and effort taking care of what we already have? Knowing there's no Plan B, might re-focus us on Plan A.

David Meerman Scott

Jamie - While I do own a telescope, I am much more interested in the Apollo program.

Andy - While I am an advocate of human space exploration, I'm also not so sure about colonization. However I do think it prudent that we are capable of deflecting or otherwise preventing an asteroid hit of the earth.


David, I love NdGT! He totally rocks! I just downloaded Space Chronicles to read on my trip to South America. Did you see him on Bill Maher the other night? He had some fascinating things to say about innovation and how inspiring curiosity in space and science ultimately results in cool consumer technology. He's awesome.

Oyun Oyna

thanks for sharing.

Colin Warwick

He's right that the Shuttle and the ISS turned out to be a big waste of money in hindsight, and that the unmanned robots were the superstars. Slightly OT, but speaking of robots and inspiring kids to do science and technology, Dean Kamen's non-profit "FIRST" (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is doing good work leveraging a sports metaphor into robotics tournaments. I was at the Massachusetts state championship with my son this weekend. The kids love it. Congrats to the winners, Team Unlimited http://www.ftc0001.org/

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