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March 16, 2012


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Just watched the video with my team. They LOVED it. (As did I.) Went real time -- and just walked around and pulled people into the conference room and threw it up on the wall. I told them it was a $25k marketing session for free. And then I co-opted one of David's phrases: "How cool is that?!?!" :)

The Kim Jong Un example was priceless. David - this was one smooth presentation, and it is getting sharper and sharper. I loved how you tailored it to the music side of the business, too.

I've forwarded on the video link to 25 key people in the company -- people who need to hear the message. If only one takes the time to watch, it will have been worth it.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks, Rich, for letting me know how you used the video. I'm glad to have helped your team. Good luck implementing the ideas.

Mark@ Make Them Click

G'day David, you spoke at NAMM? Cool.

Anyway, the whole thing about conference organisers not giving away videos or slide decks of presentations is one that particularly irks me. I live in Perth, Western Australia the most isolated western capital city in the world.

Many of these conferences I'm simply never going to get to, so I'm never going to be a customer.

I will/would however, share it, tweet it blog about it if it was any good or interesting. And there are probably thousands, tens of thousands even like me who would do the same.

So that's a huge marketing opportunity lost not only be the organisers, but also for the presenters and any of the sponsors of the show.

As you keep pointing out, they are suffering from old school short term thinking, they haven't got a "real time mindset".

David Meerman Scott

Mark - you are absolutely correct. While Perth is certainly isolated, there are many, many others in the same situation. Add to that the fact that many people simply cannot afford to travel to conferences or even afford a ticket is another consideration.

Last week I spoke at South-by-Southwest. I noticed that a large percentage of retweets and comments were from people who were not in Austin for the event.

We're making progress. A few short years ago cameras were banned at some conferences.

I want to get to Perth one day!


Hi David, thanks for putting this video online. I'll use it to drag marketing people into the 21st century kicking and screaming. All the best, Gerard

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Gerard!

Petr Halik

I've read two series of New rules, but this video was the most amazing thing I've ever seen from you...many great ideas, that I hope I'll be able to use...thanks for sharing

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Petr!

Stan Dubin

That was a superb presentation, David. I was surprised by the subdued applause at the end. I would've gone standing O for sure.

I've read your first New Rules book, then went out and got the third revision. I looked through your Real Time book but I didn't feel "real time" capable after perusing some of the case histories you included. This video hit the sweet spot. I'll nail the Real Time book as well.

Standing O!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Stan for the virtual applause!

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