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February 23, 2012


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Tony Faustino

David, I sincerely appreciate the generous hat tip and inbound link! You've been a generous mentor through the teachings in your books / blog and your comments (to me and so many others).

When I read the Fast Company piece, Alan Goldsher's real-time, newsjacking speed hit like like a sledgehammer. Alan's efforts and opportunistic creativity demonstrate what you and your good friend, Seth Godin, state as personal opportunities in an Internet connected world:

1) Pick Yourself
2) You Are Media, You are a Publisher
3) Speed Wins
4) Iterate / Experiment
5) Go Back to 1)

Thanks again David -- It means a lot to me.

David Meerman Scott

Tony, You're right. THis is a terrific example. Many thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Jim Kukral

Yeah, this is super smart. The guys over at Bookbrewer.com are partnering up with HuffingtonPost to do some similar stuff. I agree this is a smart way to publish. If I was a journalist I'd pick huge topics and write micro books or manifestos just like this and publish them via Amazon and split the rev with my media partner and make a ton of money!

Stephen Eugene Adams

David, Thanks for turning me on to Vook. This is getting crazy. The ability to publish a book in a weeks time is going to revolutionize the publishing industry. I know that is not the theme of your post but it is the message I got out of it. Thanks.

Taylor Titus


As a PR student, I am trying to keep up with the latest trends happening in public relations. I believe newsjacking is something that is going to become very common, very soon. News travels fast in today's world thanks to technology. When something is popular, like Linsanity, people want to know all they can about it. Newsjacking is important for PR professionals because it gives them an opportunity to create media to give to journalists trying to get the story. Thanks for the information!

David Meerman Scott

Taylor - While Newsjacking is definitely a great technique, I do not think it will become very common as a PR technique. The problem is the vast majority of PR people are still living in campaign mode. They plan far into the future.

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