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February 14, 2012


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Great post! So exciting to have a marketing topic blend with my hobby!
I bought a GoPro cam last year for mountain biking and totally love it. They sold to me simply because their awesome, high-quality biker videos represented a persona I loved and knew. (here is 2 min youtube clip filmed with gopro cam where I bust open my chin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLy0ClZfuqs )

The only thing is that I'm skeptical is if regular b2b or even b2c companies can replicate a GoPro-like marketing effort. Maybe if you have an enormous budget you can make exciting videos about voice of customer and enterprise feedback software, etc. but otherwise you are often stuck with "web content that is simply an egotistical spewing of gobbledygook-laden corporate drivel".

Adele Revella

Thanks for the great post Dave. The best part of buyer personas is that everyone benefits . . . GoPro is growing their business, the marketers in that company are absolute heros, but the real beneficiaries are all of those buyers.

Just think about all of incredible experiences those surfers, bikers and race car drivers have been able to capture and share because this company was thinking about their buyer personas.

It's great to be a part of a solution that benefits everyone involved!

David Meerman Scott

Zev - I know right? Always cool for me to talk about surfing, photography AND marketing! Great "bloody chin" video. Thanks for sharing.

I do think that any company, if they focus on buyers, can achieve success. I know Adele agrees. Thanks Adele for showing the way with buyer personas.

Dan Phelan

Another great marketing initiative they do is the Daily Giveaway. http://gopro.com/daily-giveaway/
They simply label it as "One Person Wins Everything We Make Daily". Can't think of a better promotion to drive traffic to a site and get people to sign up for their email list. Every time I've entered the contest, I end up poking around on the site, watching videos, and debating (yet again) whether to pull the trigger on product.

Great post David.

Account Deleted

David, thanks for the article! It's really cool guys and above all their videos convey the emotions and experiences! I confess, I am very afraid of heights, but after their latest video (World's Largest Rope Swing = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B36Lr0Unp4&list=UUwgURKfUA7e0Z7_qE3TvBFQ&feature=plcp) - wants to conquer fear and fill is optional to capture it on video! Smile! Amosov Den, Siberia.

David Meerman Scott

Facebook - Wow. Cool rope swing.


Great post! My marketing and sales team just completed our user and buyer persona profiles this week and it's good to see the value of these efforts as you outline in your post. I will be sure to pass this along to my team.

iPad Developers

CBSThisMorning shot a segment on what it's like to work at GoPro. Tune in this morning and check it out!.

Account Deleted

http://www.vesti.ru/videos?vid=399011&cid=160 - here!!!

Video of track at the end of February fell on central TV in Russia (as Channel "Russia 24"). in the "Vesti.net" - a program about IT technologies, in the end there is always heading "Chip Week", and video with your track was there! This is a success, congratulations!

If they showed on TV, it means that they are doing right!
Amosov Den, Siberia.

Jill Ming

I love buyer personas now I've discovered them through your book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Mine is a micro-business in a niche market but the concept works brilliantly. Have implemented landing pages on my website for each group and will be tracking results with interest. Many thanks!

costa rica surf camp

Excellent post! My promotion and revenue reps just accomplished our individual and customer personality information this weeks time and it's excellent to see the value of these initiatives as you summarize in your publish. I will be sure to complete this along to my group.

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