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February 10, 2012


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Todd Blecher

Thanks, David, for your kind words and your guidance. We're trying something truly different for an organization like ours. So far we've learned a lot, made mistakes, and seem to have hit on an approach that resonates with our audiences.

David Meerman Scott

Todd, I really appreciate you sharing what you are doing. Some brands operate in secrecy. That you share with other marketers is a great thing and I am pleased to help get the story out for you. Keep up the great work.

Dawn Westerberg

I first read The New Rules of Marketing and PR two years ago. I was fascinating by your profile of the Concrete Network. To this day, I continue to follow them, and I am amazed by things like glow-in-the-dark concrete for your yard and I am inspired to bring an equally fresh approach to my subject matter, B2B Marketing.

What you've share here with Boeing, is yet another great example of how to communicate with your audience. The appeal is undeniable.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Dawn. I agree that both Boeing and the Concrete Network are inspiring examples.


Okay, I'm gonna fess up. I found the Boeing video so fascinating that I forgot this was a post about marketing.

A fun read as always, David. Thx.

Sara O'Shanassy

It's remarkable when brands take it beyond just their services or products and truly hit a soft spot with their clients. We forget that we're talking about a brand here, because the experience seems so real. This is one of the advantages of brand journalism - it takes us where we're supposed to be.

David Meerman Scott

Jamie & Sara - I know, right? THe video is great. Imagine a B2B video with 600k+ views.

Subhakar Rao

Good Information

Bookkeepers Caloundra

This is a very informative post. Social media really is a vital part of almost every business enterprise today considering the fierce competition in the market. Boeing’s strategy is just a clear example of how effective brand journalism can be.

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