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February 27, 2012


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Tony Faustino

And, the Academy Award for Best Newsjacked Oscar Category goes to "The Artisifier" by Urgent Genius (with an assist from Executive Producer & Real-Time Social Media Influencer, David Meerman Scott).

This is way cool. And, demonstrates Urgent Genius's creativity in capitalizing on the news-at-this-moment. Brilliant!


Yea this is really cool.


Another great find David! The fun factor of this alone is awesome. Brilliant timing/execution by Urgent Genius! I wonder how long they've been planning this?

Colin Warwick

Great fun (although I was hoping Hugo would win best picture)... Here's my attempt... http://www.theartistifier.com/view_1993

Social Media

This is a hilarious mashup of YouTube with video and sound effects typical of this year’s hit film “The Artist”. Go grab any YouTube URL and create an Oscar-worthy masterpiece in seconds. Don’t forget to add captions like I did on poor Mits’ previous Adverblog post of a Japanese viral.

Aubrey Johnson

The Artistifier is a brilliant idea and could definitely be taken advantage of by companies and PR professionals. I can just picture a YouTube video going viral after being turned into Artist-style. People will be intrigued by the video because it will be different with its effects, and if is created soon, professionals will be taking advantage of the real-time PR phenomenon. The application was just launched, and people will recognize that and will be more turned on to whatever is displayed in the video created in this program. I love how you connected the Artistifier to Newsjacking, and I think that if people or companies use the program, it will be shared and it will be talked about because it is the new app on the block!


The Artsifier is a good way for marketers and PR teams to ride the coattails of the Academy Awards or Oscars during the awarding season to get the public's attention.

Anne Sorensen

So clever (and cool!) The UrgentGenius folks are living up to their name in every way! :)

Wooden Bookshelves

The Artistifier is a brilliant idea and could definitely be taken advantage of by companies and PR professionals.


I copied the URL, clicked "Artistify" and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

David Meerman Scott

Cindy - sorry, I do not know. Maybe you can reach out to the people who created it instead of me.

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