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January 23, 2012


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John Windsor

Brilliant work. I saw the "Imagine" video at the Music Instrument Museum in Scottsdale. Incredibly moving.

Thanks for posting this.

Lindsay Southwick

Yep, a great cause. Nice post.

Marley songs seem to be some of the best. The link below is to one of my favorites...


Tony Faustino

Loved these three quotes from Mark Johnson: (1)"Create inspiration and let it take care of itself";(2)"It's for people made by people."; (3) Embrace the future.

These themes tie into the great podcast discussion you shared with Mitch Joel about looking at yourself or your organization as a publisher. Mark and his Change for The World actively use social media channels for that purpose. And, they're now an independent, publishing force.

Playing for Change isn't waiting for anyone's permission to get their work / art out to the world (especially the traditional music industry). That's why I have no doubt they'll continue succeeding in their niche.

David Meerman Scott

Yes, since the first video, I've thought Playing for Change is inspirational. But now that I've met Mark and heard his story, I think that even more.

Adele Revella

A really inspirational story and some great music too. I love it! Thanks for the post David.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Adele - thanks for stopping by. Yes, this story is terrific on all levels. It was an honor to meet Mark.

Mitch Devine

Hey David, I was also lucky enough to see Mark speak at NAMM, so I'm excited to see that you captured his story on video.

I also loved "Stand By Me" as soon as I saw it (a friend had shared it) and really enjoyed hearing the inspiration behind "Playing For Change" -- the Santa Monica street musician and his explanation that he's "in the joy business." Thanks for helping to spread the joy!

Cheoy Lee

How inspiring! What a story, I wish I had that kind of drive.

Corporate Comedian

There is nothing more inspiring and entertaining than a song getting played on a different instrument. If you are a music lover you would know what I mean. The best thing is being able to hear different sound but still get the same feeling.

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