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January 10, 2012


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Steve K

I love Paul's candid response. This example proves that Newsjacking is not unethical. It was a win-win situation for B&H and Hough. Would a one-page add have replaced a loyal customer's busted camera?


I agree with Steve, I think Paul's response is key because it's authentic but because it sets the precedent. If you just go out and start giving away cameras, people start expecting it. Having worked retail the last thing you want is some jack-hole coming in and whining because you gave that other guy a free camera replacement he should get one too (it will happen, promise). But if you set the parameters that this was part of our marketing then it's not charity, it's a business decision.

Ron Carter

I love Paul's response. He and his staff used Newsjacking in a very astute manner. It's the right thing to do helping one of your customers while obtaining press coverage.

Ken Lempit

Posner is the real deal. He is everywhere online and I agree with his motives and actions. All good.

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