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January 16, 2012


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Adrian Childers

Hey David!

When I think content arbitrage I think being able to place an ad online for say $2/click and consistently sell a product that costs $3.

I'm also trying to create premium content on my site that I can sell so it makes sense to advertise on search engines and other sites. This way I can make money from my blog and build an audience at the same time. Takes a long time but I'm working on it.

Enjoyed the post!

Louis Gudema

Interesting post, David (as usual). Nice phrase, "content arbitrage".

Of course, different "markets" can be at very different places. It may be hard to post something that would be new to you, since you're so tied into online news, trends, etc., but for many people who are not online all the time even news that's a few days old may be new/important. I post items to LinkedIn and Twitter 4 or 5 times a day, typically, and by doing so am recognized by many of the people that I'm connected with on LinkedIn, especially, as a go-to online marketing and leadgen expert. Not all of those are breaking news, but cumulatively they've had the effect of building my brand.

Louis Gudema
Vice President of Business Development
Overdrive Interactive

David Meerman Scott

Adrian - Good example with pay per click.

Hi Louis - yes, I am online a lot. But for many markets (think veterinarians for example), there are many opportunities because few vets are creating content as a way to market their business.

Edwin Dearborn

This is a new term for me, so thank you for opening that door. I see another application of this technique which I feel expands the possibilities. One has to look outside their industry to find the connection back to theirs. For instance, a church may not be interested in government statistics on drug abuse, yet this is a moral crisis that could be utilized to feature their detox program. One can directly look into one' industry, but I believe that online marketers will learn how to " arbitrage outside the box."


We re-tweet links to articles on art and international affairs at Griot Apparel, which is also what our tee-shirts are about.

The idea is to inform people who like one subject about goings on in the other field. So artists learn more about international affairs, and vice versa.

Thanks for the great piece David! Makes us think content arb is built into our DNA as a company.

David Meerman Scott

Edwin - Exactly. Great example. Consider what's happening in the wider news and apply to your organization.

Griot - Yes. Rather than talk about the shirts, you talk about the art. Thanks!

Kevin McCormick

David, I engaged in content arbitrage without realizing that's what I was doing. Recently here in Detroit, a well-known newspaper publisher passed away. A friend of his family expressed their grief on Facebook when I happened to be on. I confirmed with her and then tweeted that info out. One of the local newspapers and one of the local TV stations both ran breaking news feeds with the information gained from my tweet. What a rush! I have always felt like I was a "seeker" of information that others may not have access to so that I can then share that with others, I just never had a name for it. Now I do. Thanks again for an awesome post!

Kevin McCormick
Alchemedia Creative

David Meerman Scott

Kevin - that's great. Did you get credit in the resulting stories?

Kevin McCormick

David - The newspaper gave me credit. The TV station didn't and things were moving so fast with them, I got flustered and forgot to ask for it. Lesson learned!

Rich Hohne

David. Nice post. First, are you using RSS as your main source of info? Secondly, it seems like an important thing to remember is to add something of an original thought. Introduce the link or article clip with something of your own. If you could link to past content on your site, even better. Shows you don't just share, but share with some thoughtfulness.

The Money In Your Mind

That's a clever tactic but you should be aware not to fall in content duplication.

Jim Campbell

If content is king then must make real time content God-like...

David Meerman Scott

Jim - cosmic!

important property rights

Hi David, thanks for sharing this Content arbitrage article. I've been practicing arbitrage for about couple of months now and i can say all is good at this moment. Looking forward for more arbitrage post! Cheers!

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