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December 18, 2011


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Angela Artemis/WriteABook

It is amazing what shared content can lead you to. I check my Twitter stream often - that's what lead me to read your article and always end up finding something worthwhile.

josey jasen

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunihsne.

Avil Beckford


That's an amazing experience to have, what's another unusual (to most people) entry on your bucket list?

Michael Martel

What a great example of what is possible for both the seller and the buyer in today's economy!


Hmmmm... Fun to hear about your travels, but bringing it back to content marketing, was the Tweet that your wife saw from the hotel? I'm going to split hairs and ask: where do you draw the line between what is content marketing and what is just good ol' word-of-mouth business? If the hotel did not generate the content, how would one classify it as content marketing?

David Meerman Scott

Thanks all. It was fun.

Tracey - it absolutely was content marketing. The tweet was from someone not affiliated with the hotel. It would have ended at that except that the hotel website had compelling content which got us interested and the reviews sealed the deal. In this case it started as word of MOUSE (a tweet) and the content made the sale.

Kevin @globalfibernet

completely agree on both points of social bringing 'content' to the forefront and properly maintained and encouraged, social content marketing can and will make a difference.

Anne Sorensen

David! How fantastic! Loved your sled driving .. The glass igloo though sounds terrific. Seems perfect to do this near Christmas ... Did you happen to see a largish, bearded man dressed in red while you were there? Best wishes for the Season! :)

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