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December 12, 2011


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Kevin @globalfibernet

interesting daily deal aspect to what Mr. Itoi has been doing since 1998. Proving the sustainability is there. my other take-away is the evidence that content is king. as the content is only there for one day, it's proof that it's the content they keep coming back for.

David Meerman Scott

Kevin - it is a fascinating use of content and a technique I had never seen before. It goes against what all the "experts" say. Yet it has been incredibly successful.

Anne-Sophie Bousset

It was refreshing reading about a Japanese breaking away from the mold! Many of the best ideas are happenstance; we notice something and it turns into genius =]

Jim Ewel

David - It's fascinating how Itoi-san manages to be both "un-Japanese" and very Japanese at the same time. The ways in which he is unlike many Japanese are the most obvious - his approach to marketing by creating content, rather than selling product features; his happiness and individualism as an entrepreneur rather than an unhappy "salaryman".

But Itoi-san also exhibits many traditional Japanese traits. Content that disappears after a day suggests to me the love the Japanese have for the ephemeral (for example, their love of cherry blossoms, which last for only a week or two). Even his idea of content as emotion strikes me as more Japanese than Western.


It is interesting .I don't know much about japanese.It is a new cognition.

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