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December 22, 2011


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Michael Kane

The La Mer de Pianos video looks like it could have been directed by Woody Allen.

Tony Faustino

I think some of the best videos providing both entertainment and information are the videos Google produces:

* Parisian Love: (6,244,736 views)
* Google Chrome: Dear Sophie (4,093,689 views)
* Google+: Sharing, But Like Real Life (250,264 views)
* Google+: Circles Love Story (192,775 views)

These videos are simple and answer a basic question about brand essence: "let us show you what this can do"

And, judging by the numbers, Google's doing something right.


The HP video presents the brand in a creative manner. Sometimes it's just a matter of playing around with the product.

John Ford Parker

The HP video is entertaining due to the changes in images and colors, but there is no passion. The video will leave the viewer cold as it is like a machine.

The piano general store is sentimental but it is about a relic or a heritage that gets lost. The past - done - over and out.


To John. The past - done - over and out? I guess you don't follow luxury brands very much? They are all about the past - done - and then reviving them to 100x what they were before.

Do I like that or think that that will happen here? Not necessarily, but I'll bet that this video will do wonders for his piano shop. What most would see as a complete mis-match between a stodgy old shop and new media promotion via this movie (whether it was intended as promotional is irrelevant) is its strength. Different than but similar to surrogate marketing which is all the rage in emerging markets. It's all about being REMARK-able, and this video is. Even you remarked about it and you don't think it works.

Either way, it's strange that you don't like the HP video because it lacks passion and you don't like the piano video because it's all about passion.

David Meerman Scott

Gerard - Excellent points all, especially from someone who founded a very successful high-end brand.

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